10 Amazing 3D Street Art Creations

Hi guys! Have you ever been into a city centre and seen artists painting huge images onto the floor? I have and they are awesome! However, if you haven’t seen them then let me explain what 3D street art paintings are.

Street painting, also commonly known as pavement art, street art and sidewalk art, is the performance art of rendering artistic designs on surfaces such as streets, paths and town squares. The most commonly used material to create these 3D street art designs is chalk but sometimes paints are used.

1. Jack Daniels

a 3d street art drawing of a giant bottle of jack daniels with a man cleverly positioned to look as though he is holding it

Oh wow!! Who wouldn’t love a bottle of good old Jack Daniels in this size? I wonder how many JD and cokes could be made from that bad boy? Such a shame that it isn’t real!

2. Temple Of The Jaguar

a lady sat on the floor next to a 3d street art painting of an inverted temple with a jaguar animal inside it and a lizard sat at the top

If those animals were real I doubt she would be sat so close to the edge – risky!

3. Waterfall

a 3d street painting of two people seemingly sat on top of a waterfall

I genuinely thought that they were sat on a sloped surface until I looked closer. What a clever technique that they have used in their 3D street art to make it look so realistic.

4. Taking The Plunge

Fancy going for a swim? Then why not take a dive off the plank into the sea like this gentleman is about to. I do think it will hurt a tad if he ends up doing a belly flop though – ouch!

5. Hang on!

a man holding onto a tall maypole with a village really far down below him with children running the ribbons around the maypole

This guy has somehow managed to get himself stuck at the top of the village may pole! Hang on tight, help is on its way… Oh, wait, it’s actually just a really cleverly done 3D street art!

6. Self Portrait

a man has drawn a mirror image portrait of himself on the street and made it look 3d complete with a beer next to him

This one is fantastic, I love how he has made it look like a mirror image of himself; complete with beer and glass – perfecto!

7. Waste of Water

a man has drawn a hose pipe with water spilling out of it onto the ground forming a puddle

Let’s hope they don’t have a hosepipe ban in place else this he might land himself in a spot of bother. I wonder how long it took for kids to come along and try splash in the puddle, only to be disappointed that it’s just a 3D street art?

8. Alice In Wonderland

an alice in wonderland themed image drawn on the ground of what seems to be a train station

Now this sure is some pretty smart advertising to promote Alice In Wonderland. Where fantasy meets reality…

9. Wall Art

a builder looking up above the lift at the wall above it to see a painting of a man seemingly hammering the wall through

3D street art isn’t exclusive to the floor as this clever piece shows. It creates a brilliant effect up on the wall, it looks like the builder’s mate has been quite destructive up there!

10. Be Careful Where You Park

Damn it, don’t you just hate it when you think you’ve found the PERFECT car parking space; not too close to other cars, not too far away from your destination and not too tight either… The last thing you’d expect is a car ending up on top of yours- woops!

a car parked up in a multistory car park with another car seemingly crashed on top of it


I hope you enjoyed looking at the amazing 3D street art featured in this blog, next time you`re out and about in a town centre why not see if you can spot anyone creating their own versions? If you liked this then be sure to check back regularly for more funny, clever and interesting blog posts. Bye for now!