10 Sure-Fire Blogging Tips To Take Your Business To The Next Level

“Blogging for business is an art. Master the art of blogging and take your business to new heights”. Blogging is extremely useful to your brand, we’ve put together a hand guide below to make yours a successful one!

Check Out Our Top 10 Business Blogging Tips

1) Deliver Value To Readers

Readers what relevant and interesting content. By delivering valuable and useful content you’re engaging your reader and persuading them to go further into your site or return later.

2) Make It Easy To Read

Many bloggers are moving away from publishing large bodies of text. This is because their readers are finding it difficult to stay engaged.
Try breaking it up, use headings and sub headings so your reader can scan the page if needed. Bullet points are also a useful tool.

3) Experiment With Different Formats

Keep switching it up. What appeals to one reader may not appeal to another. By using different formats you’re appealing to a wider audience.
Infographics are a handy way to get information across at a glance, while podcasts and webinars are easy to follow.

4) Have Your Own Voice

It’s easy to try and copy the voice of a blog you enjoy but to your readers it could come across as not very genuine.
Show your friendly personable side, be informal and have fun with it.

5) Go Light On Brand Promotion

Plugging your brand constantly can become a bore. Go light on self-promotion, keep It to a minimum.
Use your blog to inform and inspire readers to look further into your brand of their own accord.

6) Harness The Power Of Story Telling

Readers are finding a story telling narrative more and more appealing. Its easy to follow and easy to become engaged with.
Also try asking your satisfied customers/clients to share their stories.

7) Edit And Proofread Before Publishing

A very small detail that makes a huge improvement to your site. This tip is often overlooked.
Simple typos and grammatical errors throughout your site can look unprofessional which is a look that will rub off on your brand.
Ask somebody else to proofread to get a more polished look.

8) Promote Your Blogs

Share your blogs across multiple platforms to reach the widest audiences. Search relevant or trending hashtags for each.
This is a simple way to attract more traffic.

9) Respond To Customer Feedback

It’s always important to acknowledge all feedback. Good feedback is great and make sure to thank them for their time to write it.
Negative feedback should also be acknowledged. Use it as an opportunity to show potential customers what routes you are willing to take to ensure customer satisfaction.

10) Be Patient

A successful blog is one which has planned for the long haul.
Blogs can take months or years to become popular, so be patient. Be consistent with your content and blog promotion to slowly build an audience.

Long Story, Short…

You blog is a very hand tool for your business site. It gives your brand a friendly and personable feel. Use these tips to grow your blog and don’t forget to share it with us in the comments section below!

infographic showing top 10 sure fire bogging tips to take your business to the next level on a back ground of mostly organd but using different coloured speech bubbles to highlight the ten tips in blue yellow and a darker shade of orange