10 Handy Modern Day Life Hacks

Hi guys! If you like making life easier then I think you`ll appreciate this blog. I’ve put together a handy collection of the best modern day life hacks I have found whilst browsing the internet, some of them are so simple – you won`t believe you hadn’t thought of them before!

1. Inexpensive air conditioning.

fan with bottles of water in front of it to create air conditioning effect

Want a simple way to stay cool at home or in the office without expensive air conditioning? Get yourself a fan, point it towards you and put a few frozen water bottles directly in front of it – this will create an air conditioning effect for next to nothing. Science at its best in this life hack!

2. Vacuum cleaner hack.

pair of tights put over the end of the vacuum nozzle

Have you ever dropped something so tiny, such as an earring, and really struggled to find it? Rather than spending ages searching, simply put tights over your vacuum nozzle and start hoovering around the area you suspect you lost the item. Small objects will stick to the tights on the nozzle rather than getting sucked up.

3. Quick collar fix.

a man using a pair of hair straighteners to iron his shirt collar

I love this particular modern day life hack! The quick and easy way to fix a creased up collar; don’t bother getting the iron and ironing board out, simply switch your hair straighteners on and go over the collar with them – sorted!

4. Get that keyboard clean again!

a person using the sticky part of the post it note to clean the crevices of their keyboard, also text saying before you throw away a post it, run between the kets on your keyboard to collect crumbs and fluff

Do you work with computers? Perhaps a job in I.T or web design? Here`s one for you – before throwing away a rogue post it note, run the sticky part over your keyboard to collect any bits of dust, crumbs and fluff that may have gathered.

5. D.I.Y phone holder.

a picture of a phone resting on sunglasses using them as a phone stand

If you`re trying to watch something on your phone and it requires propping up, use your sunglasses! The perfect prop and it saves you money too – no need to buy a stand now!

6. Don`t let that charger wire break…

a phone charging wire with a spring from a pen wrapped around the charging port end

Sick of your phone charger wire bending, fraying and breaking? Use a spring from an old click pen and wrap it around the wire (the end that meets the charging port), this should make it last much longer.

7. Wobbly keyboard? Try this.

a keyboard with broken feet so binder clips are attached to where the broken feet are as temporary feet

Ever used a keyboard where one of the feet have broken? It can be so frustrating especially when it wobbles as you type – not good! Use binder clips to temporarily fix those broken keyboard feet.

8. Handy wire organiser.

a selection of wires being held in place by binder clips clipped onto the edge of a desk and the wires threaded through

Binder clips again, they`re so handy! Simply clip them onto the edge of your desk and push rogue wires through, they’ll stay put (no bending and breaking!) and your work area will look so much neater.

9. Cups and toilet roll = a handy phone speaker!

an empty toilet roll placed on its side with a section cut out where a phone slots into it to be used as a speaker

Want to listen to music on your phone but don’t have any earphones or a speaker handy? Use an empty toilet roll tube for the perfect makeshift speaker and if you want to be really fancy you can even add a couple of empty cups at either side to enhance the sound!

10. Frozen grapes modern day life hack!

a glass of wine on a table with frozen grapes in it and a small pot of frozen grapes placed next to it with a bottle of wine in the background

I saved the best until last of course… Picture this, it’s a hot summers day and you`re just about to pour a refreshing glass of wine to sit in the sun with, however, it won`t be long until that pesky sun is warming your drink up! So, before you reach for the ice cubes – consider this – do you really want your favourite tipple to be watered down when the ice cubes melt? Nope! Instead, freeze a handful of grapes and use in place of ice cubes. The perfect solution to keeping your drink cool without diluting it. (Also, I’m pretty sure the frozen grapes will count towards one of your 5 a day; healthy!)

I hope you have found these modern day life hacks useful, I will definitely be doing frozen grapes instead of ice cubes in wine this Summer. If you liked this post then why not check out our Top 10 Domain Name Fails, there are some corkers!