10 Images Which Reveal The Difficulties of Being Left Handed

I bet most of you didn’t know that we have just had International Left Handers Day (it was on Sunday 13th August, in case you weren’t aware…)

It seems that everything was made with just right handed people in mind; from scissors to ring binders to desks; even ice cream scoops! Side note: did anyone else remember watching the episode of The Simpsons where Ned Flanders opened up a Left Handed only store? How awesome was that!

Anyway… With around 10% of the worlds population being left handed; we sure are the minority and boy do we know about it. In homage to the minority of left handed people out there I have compiled some interesting images which I am certain you will all be able to relate to; especially #7!

1. Is This Some Kind of Sick Joke?

a hall full of desks with writing tables on the right hand side so unsuitable for people who are left handed

I thought in this day and age that nobody should be left out… I’m guessing that doesn’t include left handed people that want an education…

2. Scissors…

a tweet from twitter saying want to make a left handed person feel inadequate then hand them a pair of regular scissors and ask them to cut stuff out

There’s a reason those green and yellow handled scissors were like gold dust at school!

3. The Binder Ring of Doom

a left handed person trying to write notes but the ring binder is in the way

4. Lol…

whats your superpower

This made me laugh more than it probably should have done… That certainly backfired on them – woops!

5. Genius Idea!

plastic bag over a left handed persons hand so that notes dont smudge when being written

Now this is actually a stroke of pure genius! Somebody should design and patent a left handed persons writing glove so that we don’t have to fashion one out of a plastic bag, such a niche market that somebody could be cornering.

6. The Left Handed Desk

left handed persons desk

After feeling utter dismay at #1, I am so glad somebody took a picture of a very rare and hard to find left handed desk. Phew

7. Ice Cream Scoops

ice cream scoop not suited for left handed people

I can imagine the excitement didn’t last too long, the poor left thing. Why are left handed ice cream scoops not a thing? This is definitely discrimination.

8. Needing An Eraser For Your Arm

someone with pencil all over there arm so they rub it out with an eraser

After spending hours writing an essay, drawing a nice picture or even just doodling – no matter what, if you’re left handed, this is how your arm will look. This clever leftie has got an eraser to get rid of her graphite marks; look how perfect that erased line is!

9. Discrimination… Again!

right handed scissors priced at 15 pounds but left handed scissors are 18 pounds

Could somebody please ask Fiskars why they think it is acceptable to charge someone an extra £3 purely because they are left handed? That’s crazy.

10. Silver Hand Syndrome

image of a left handed persons hand covered in silver graphite from rubbing against pencil

Ahh, I saved the best til last. I think every single left handed person can resonate with this image!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog; be sure to check back regularly for more funny and interesting blog posts. Bye for now!