10 Pictures of Office Life That Will Have You Laughing Out Loud Part 2

Working in an office day in day out isn’t quite the most enviable job in the world. Your back ends up aching from being hunched over a computer – your eyes end up strained from staring at that same computer for hours on end… Not forgetting the ultra-bright strip lights which really don’t help your eyes much either when added to the mix. Then there’s the full, drab interior… That’s office life! However, it looks as though some people have tried to brighten up their working days in these amazing office life photos – number 8 is awesome! It just shows that it’s all about how you make the most of a situation and that’s what really matters. Part two…

1. The Office Thief

a piece of paper with various anti stealing rules written on it and then an extract from Liam Nessons Taken office life

This is the perfect, passive – aggressive way to deal with that pesky drink thief! Every office has one… The `Taken` quote is my favourite part.

2. Thief Replies…

four post it notes the first three asking where their food is and the fourth is the office thief asking for more new food office life

Love how blunt and to the point the food thief is on the last post it note. He needs new food guys!


3. Honesty Is the Best Policy

office sign saying everyone brings joy to this office some when they enter and some when they leave

Imagine seeing this sign up at work, you’d be forever wondering which type of person you are; the one that brings joy when you enter or the one that brings joy when you leave!

4. Oh The Irony…

sign saying 0 days without sacrasm and someone has wrote nice spelling underneath

Office life is full of sarcasm, just make sure you spell the word right otherwise it’ll end up looking like a new brand of artificial sweetener – Sacrasm, yum…

5. Fish

a sign showing a picture of a fish shaped fish finger and a swedish fish saying these are allowed but no other fish are office life

Surely this is an unwritten rule in the book of office life? There’s always one person that brings their dinner into work, warms it up and leaves the office smelling like a fishing boat. Boak.

6. Run Rabbit, Run

a good home wanted for a pet rabbit at the top then below is a printed out recipe for roasted rabbit

I think you would end up being very dubious to any co-worker that offers to take on your pet rabbit. Who knows who printed the recipe for roasted rabbit? You just couldn’t take that risk.

7. Great Lunch Bag

a lunch bag saying human organ for transplant inside

Not only does it add a touch of humour to the workplace but it could also double up as a food thief deterrent – winning!

8. Office Life as A Reggae Printer

a printer with a sign next to it saying its name is bob marley because it is always jamming office life

In every single office across the land there will be a printer that either A, is constantly out of ink or B, is constantly jamming up with paper. Whoever named this printer Bob Marley is a genius. (I bet you read that last line in a reggae accent.)

9. Baby Announcement

a sign saying what is 7 pound 19 inches and was delivered on the 7th july and someone writes underneath your mums dildo office life

I feel for the poor man/woman that just wanted to announce the birth of their beautiful bundle of joy. There’s always one office d**k that must ruin things.

10. Someone’s getting fired…

an office completely covered in print outs of their bosses face

A practical joke is all well and good until it is aimed at your boss and on this grand scale. We get that he may be a bit of a self-absorbed douche but if you fancy keeping your job then I’d recommend NOT doing this. *Watches out for P45*

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog post, if you liked this then be sure to check back regularly for more funny and interesting posts. Bye for now!