10 Pictures of Office Life That Will Have You Laughing Out Loud

Working in an office day in day out isn’t quite the most enviable job in the world. Your back ends up aching from being hunched over a computer – your eyes end up strained from staring at that same computer for hours on end… Not forgetting the ultra-bright strip lights which really don’t help your eyes much either when added to the mix. Then there’s the full, drab interior… That’s office life! However, it looks as though some people have tried to brighten up their working days in these amazing office life photos – number 5 is awesome! It just shows that it’s all about how you make the most of a situation and that’s what really matters.

1. The Palaeontology Department on Halloween

office workers sat at their desks dressed in giant t rex outfits

So, you work in an office completely devoted to the branch of science concerned with fossil animals, plants and dinosaurs – what better way to celebrate Halloween at work than to dress up like this!

2. When You Really Are the One and Only…

the mens toilet sign but the letter m replaced with a b to spell ben

Office life doesn’t get better than this – working day in day out in an office full of women and you being the only man who just so happens to be called Ben… Why not change the toilet door sign from men to your name – genius!

3. Art is Everywhere

a urinal with an old painting in front of it with two women seemingly looking and judging office life

Imagine nipping to the toilet only to be confronted by this glorious piece of art while you pee – then getting all self-conscious because you’re not sure if the women in that painting are judging you.

4. Office Life Problem Solving Flow Chart

a flow chart asking questions to find out where ed is office life

It’s the same in most offices I’d say. There’s always that one co-worker that is needed a fair bit but is never anywhere to be seen! The unfortunate soul that sits next to said person ends up getting sick of being asked the same question repeatedly so creates this genius flow chart!

5. Don’t Cry Over Spilt Coffee…

a spilt coffee stain decorated to look like a cat complete with googly eyes

Create an awesome piece of floor art instead!

6. Genius Office Prank

a coffee machine with a notice stuck on it saying voice activated (prank)

They had a new coffee machine delivered at work and some smart Alek decided to make this sign and stick it on. I’m guessing he had many a laugh whilst sat back watching his colleagues fall for it.

7. Programmer Cake

a birthday cake decorated with programmers code office life

Jake was leaving for a new job, so the office programmers decided to get creative with his cake. Well played!

8. Office Life Would Be Great If We Had One of These…

an office worker sat on a chair with a box on her head with a sad face drawn on it

Do you ever get sick of a colleague telling the same terrible jokes or asking stupid questions? Simple – bring out the Box of Shame! That’ll teach ‘em…

9. Evil or Pure Genius?

an office chair with an air horn attached underneath so that when somebody sits on it it goes off really loud

There seems to be a running theme of fantastic pranks like this in offices – evil for the poor person that’s going to sit on it but pure genius for everyone else, ha!

10. The Day the Office Staff Thought F**k it…

a corridor in an office surrounded by people watching on looking at what appears to be a huge slip and slide area office life

Not sure if it’s just me but this looks like a deleted scene from Wolf of Wall Street; what a fun office to work in eh!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog post, if you liked this then be sure to check back regularly for more funny and interesting posts. Bye for now!