10 Times The Laws of Science Didn’t Apply In A Cartoon

Childhood Memories of Watching A Favourite Cartoon

All of us at Roundhay Web Design have grown up watching a favourite cartoon and I bet you guys have too. Coming up top in our office is Tom & Jerry. I remember religiously waking up on a Saturday morning, heading downstairs to get breakfast then going straight to the television to lose myself in the many cartoons that were on. They were happy times with nothing to worry about, ahh those were the days. Now i’m lucky if I catch an hour of t.v before heading off to bed – being an adult is boring!

While many of us will have watched hundreds upon thousands of cartoons; how many of us have ever noticed the ‘mistakes’ made in them? Mistakes being things that would never happen in real life, due to the laws of physics. Yes, I know they are just cartoons for children but some of these are hilarious, especially number 3 – I mean, come on!

Did you have a favourite cartoon to watch when you were younger? Maybe it will appear in the following list, check it out and see if your favourite is there. Mine does, I was a sucker for Tom & Jerry (and still am, since my kids are obsessed too!)


1. The Three Little Pigs

3 little pigs singing around a piano with a picture of their father on the wall which is actually a string of sausages in the cartoon

I love how as a child we never notice the dark humour that can be found in many cartoons and films (especially Disney films).

2. Explain This Cartoon Fail

arthur the cartoon character wearing a pair of earphones that are nowhere near his ears

So, where is the logic in this? I wonder if Arthur is confused as to why he can’t hear anything? They really ought to make earphones suitable for whatever type of animal he is supposed to be!

3. Prince ‘Not So’ Charming

prince charming from cinderella cartoon

This guy claims that Cinderella is the love of his life yet he forgot what she looked like and had to try the glass slipper on every woman in the kingdom in order to remember who she was. I think someone is telling porkies.

4. The Flintstones

the flintstones cartoon family dancing around a christmas tree

Well this is strange. The Flintstones can be seen celebrating Christmas way before Christ was even born. Also, the red Santa hats they are wearing; Coca Cola made those popular when they designed Santa a red suit and marketed their product around it (previously St Nicholas has always donned a green suit) and i’m pretty sure fizzy pop wasn’t around then either…

5. Tom & Jerry’s Cartoon Logic

tom and jerry cartoon image where tom is always naked but when he goes to the beach he wears clothes

Plot twist: Tom is wearing a UV protection suit to protect his skin from getting burnt…

6. Animal Hierarchy

disney cartoon character goofy walking his dog

I wonder who decided which dog would be the ‘human’ and which would be the pet? I wonder what the cartoon would be like had Pluto been the owner walking Goofy.

7. It Must Be Extremely Hard For Them To Escape…

smurfs locked in a cage but the bars are that wide they could easily escape

Those bars look way too narrow to squeeze a Smurf through – not.

8. Oh Bubbles…


Bubbles from popular cartoon ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ has been that busy saving the day that she never learnt how to use chopsticks properly, how is it even possible to use chopsticks without even holding them?!

9. Another From Cinderella…

cinderellas glass slipper fits

Seriously, did no other woman in the land have the same size feet as Cinderella? Maybe she had unusually small feet, who knows.

10. Spongebob Squarepants

spongebob squarepants cartoon character blowing bubbles while wearing a glass helmet

I’m just going to leave that one there…

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog, check back soon for more fun and interesting posts!