10 Types of Difficult Clients for Designers

Whether you work in web design, product design or even interior design – you will all resonate with this blog and the difficult clients we come across as a designer. I have put together 10 of my own personal favourites for one reason or another; I hope you enjoy reading this and if anything it helps you realise that you are not alone with dealing with this issue!

1. Mrs `I Care So Much It Hurts’

image of a lady that cares so much about her work it hurts difficult clients

Sometimes I wonder why people like this even ask designers to help them…

2. Mrs This Should Only Take 5 Minutes…

difficuly clients image of lady that thinks everything just takes 5 minutes

Some difficult clients just don’t understand the work that goes into projects. These are the type of people that assume we magically click a button, et voila! The work here is done…

3. Mr I Don’t Really Care; Do Whatever You Want

mr do whatever you want with his hands in the air difficult clients

Now this one isn’t necessarily a difficult client to work with; usually they are the best kind to work with as they are so grateful and happy at the work you have produced at the end of the project. Just be sure to communicate with this person every step of the way to confirm they are happy!

4. Mr Will This Cost Extra AKA Mr I Emptied My Bank Account For This

mr budget penny pincher client Now there is nothing at all wrong with budgeting and penny pinching. Just be sure to keep the price quoted the same throughout – nobody likes any nasty, hidden surprises. Of course it’s completely different if a client is asking for extra work and expecting it for free.

5. Mrs What You Did Was Great But Now We Want Something Completely Different

mrs changes her mind all the time Argh! I bet dozens of keyboards have been broken due to this kind of difficult client!

6. The Lurker!

the lurkerThis sneaky person that completely vanishes off the radar is one of the worst difficult clients!

7. Mr I Assumed This Was Included

mr i assumed this was included difficult clients

No matter how much you explain to a client what is included when it comes to the package they have decided to purchase – there’s always one cheeky person that presumes extras will be included free of charge too.

8. Ms I Hate The Colour For No Reason Whatsoever

ms i hate the colpour difficult clients

Ms I hate that colour/font/wording/style/feature/image… Infuriating to say the least.

9. Mr What’s A Weekend?

mr whats a weekend

Often known to survive on coffee alone – these clients really do need to learn what a weekend is, or a bank holiday for that matter!

10. Mr Everything Is An Emergency

mr everything is an emergency difficult clients

I feel sorry for these kind of clients – they are so stressed with everything going on that they forget that they aren’t your one and only client! Usually not a problem if they are willing to pay extra to push a deadline forward though but they do need to understand that they aren’t the only person on your client list.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog about difficult clients and if you are a designer I bet you can certainly relate to most of them!