10 Unusual And Crazy Ideas That Worked Out Pretty Well Part 2

Crazy Ideas That Turn Out To Be Pretty Damn Good!

We will have all heard one of these crazy ideas at some point, most of us won’t have even given it the time of day to be fair, it will have just been written off as some complete nutters mad ramblings. Which, I bet, is how some of these ideas started out and now look at them!

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1. Origami Canoe

a full sized canoe made origami style so it is small and compact and easy to fold away when not in use crazy ideas

What a brilliant idea – this origami canoe folds away compactly between uses to around the size of a duffel bag which will make transportation so much easier. So, as long as it isn’t actually made of paper and you aren’t planning on doing a white knuckle river rapids excursion then in my opinion this is certainly one of those crazy ideas that worked out pretty damn well!

2. Night Sky Simulator

inside of an aeroplane is a simulated night sky on the roof made up of lots of sparkling stars

This is a cool feature to have on planes, especially on night flights. What is a usually boring area of the plane has been spruced up to make a much more visually appealing area for passengers and may also help distract people that don’t like flying or even baby’s and children – i’m sure they’d zone out into the stars!

3. Shade Creating Balls…

a reservoir full of water is having 3 million balls adding to it to create shade and prevent the water becoming contaminated due to the effects of the sun crazy ideas

At Los Angeles Ivanhoe Reservoir; 96 MILLION(!!) black non toxic balls are added to create shade from the sun and prevent any contamination issues that can also be caused by the sun. It also prevents evaporation in the extreme heat. This simple, yet genius, idea creates the perfect solution to keeping the city’s drinking water in the shade. Can you imagine pitching this idea to your CEO though?

`Hi yes I think I have found the solution – it will require almost 100 million balls to be thrown into the water…’

I bet that initially went down as one of that employees crazy ideas.

4. Skateboard Glasses?

sunglasses with a background of a forest crazy ideas

How cool would it be to know that the frame of your sunglasses/reading glasses was actually made from a skateboard? That is exactly what a company called Proof Eyewear does! It uses sustainable materials such as cotton based acetate , F.S.C certified wood and as previously mentioned – re-purposed skateboards!

5. A Glove Filled With Pellets

a premature baby in an incubator with a glove filled with pellets so it is weighted to make the newborn feel safe and comfortable crazy ideas

What a brilliant idea! Sadly, it is quite common for baby’s to be born prematurely and when they are they often need to stay in hospital for weeks, sometimes months. Parents can’t be with them in hospital 24/7, so when they’re not able to be there it would be comforting for them to know that a little bit of them is there with the baby. That is where this idea comes in – a mother of a premature baby filled a cotton gloves with pellets so it was weighted, slept with the glove in her bed so that her scent was on it and then gently rested it on her son to give the feeling that he was being held and could smell the scent of his mother.

6. Perfect Parchment

grease proof paper parchments that fit exactly into the baking tray

Another of those crazy ideas that turns out to be genius! Not only does it save time and hassle faffing about tearing the parchment paper off to fit your oven tray but it is also quite good for the environment too, win win!

7. Phone Screen Protector With A Twist…

a phone screen protector company that is so confident their protector will work they will personally pay for it repairing if it breaks while the protector is on crazy ideas

If I was in the USA I would definitely buy one of these phone screen protectors. The team at Cellhelmet are so confident about their product that they actually offer to pay for your screen repairing if it gets damaged whilst using their product! Cool idea guys.

8. Where To Eat?

a childs spin type game where you spin the wheel and decide where to eat crazy ideas

It can’t just be me that struggles to decide where to eat. Solve that problem by creating your very own spin game of where to eat!

9. The Luna Light

a large moon like light amp

Love the idea of having your very own moonlight in your living room. You can customise the light settings too depending on which sort of lighting you’d like – the soft glow would be my favourite.

10. Multi-functional Tie

a tie with a different material underneath that cleans your phone screen crazy ideas

Every office worker that is required to wear a suit to work should own one of these multi-functional ties – got a dirty phone screen? No problem, the reverse of the tie has a micro-fibre lining ideal for cleaning mobile devices!


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