10 Unusual and Crazy Ideas That Worked Out Pretty Well

Crazy Ideas That Have Worked Out Pretty Damn Well!

We’ve all had that trail of thought before, I usually do it when i’m daydreaming (which is ALOT). I suddenly imagine the strangest of scenarios and a solution to fit that, I have had some crazy ideas before. For example, just last week I was doing my usual blogs for Roundhay Web Design, I was adding information to alt tags on images in the blog and went off on a trail of thought which I will continue at the bottom of the page…

1. Punching Holes In Curtains

a new york skyline that has been hole punched into a blackout blind to let light through

Now I would never usually suggest punching a load of holes into a blackout blind because that just defeats the whole object of having a blackout blind doesn’t it?! But in this case it actually does look pretty awesome – not a bad start in our crazy ideas list!

2. The Never-Wet Bench

a bench that works like a paper towel dispenser - you can roll it round to reveal a dry side to sit on when it has been raining crazy ideas

Some idiots will have thought this crazy idea would never work. How wrong could they be? This is a genius idea!!

3. The Built In Extension Cord

an extension cord that has been built into a plug socket to extend and retract as and when needed

This is one of those crazy ideas that I would love to see available in the shops. I would 100% buy this, it would save an awful lot of fannying around with the big, annoying extension cords I have chucked in my junk cupboard.

4. The House That IKEA Built

a refugee camp with pop up ikea houses in place of tents

In a normal situation you would never consider living in a flat pack house provided by IKEA. But this isn’t a normal situation, it is a very harrowing and difficult situation for all involved. Refugee camps are usually full of shabby tents that provide no real shelter to the extremes, the idea of having IKEA pop up shelters to replace those tents is amazing and will help improve so many peoples lives.

5. Crazy Ideas For Lazy Shits

a coffee table with a mini fridge in its drawers

Some people would say this is genius – sure it saves you from getting up and going to the kitchen at the ad breaks of whatever your watching but seriously – a fridge in a coffee table?!

6. Fog Proof Bathroom Mirror

a bathroom mirror that is steamed up around the very edges but is fog proof in the centre crazy ideas

Don’t you just hate getting out of a nice, hot shower to be met with a fully steamed up mirror? Sure, you can give it a wipe but then you’re left with those awful smears all over the mirror that never seem to disappear fully. This genius will make a fortune with this, I bet it was one of many crazy ideas that has been made reality!!

7. A Pretty, Twinkly – Yet Functional – Bike Path

a bike path in the netherland that lights up in the dark

If you’ve ever been to the Netherlands then you’ll know how popular riding a bike is – not just for fun or exercise but to commute to work, school, go to the shops etc… You name it, they’ll cycle to it. That’s why these glowing bike paths are so useful – the Smart Highway is solar powered – thousands of tiny stones spend all day charging then light up on a night.

The first time I went to the Amsterdam I wasn’t aware just how many bikes would be whizzing around – the bastard things almost knocked me down on more than one occasion!

8. Crazy Ideas For Idiots…

an avocado with a sticker on it to show wether it is ripe or not

Right, this one only made my list because of how funny I found this. What an absolute waste of resources this is – do people really need a sticker showing them what colour there avocado should be before eating it? I sometimes worry about the future of mankind…

9. Super Duper Uber

a person sat in the back of an uber taxi with a video games console to play during the journey crazy ideas

Wow! This has completely sold Uber to me. At first I was a little bit sceptical about the fairly new taxi company (or should I say driver service). Sod driving when I can have a driver take me whilst I play video games!

10. Honest Road Signs

a road sign in america stating the project is complete but that it was ten percent over budget and five months late

This is so refreshing to see. I’m not sure where about you are in the world, but here in the U.K we have CONSTANT roadworks. The most annoying for me at the minute is the new smart motorway being built on the M1, a motorway which is always busy. It has been going on for years now – fair enough people get behind on projects and do go over budget but I think it would be great if we had signs like this, just being honest. After all, we pay enough in taxes!

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Alt Tag Rambling Continued…

Just in case any of you were interested in the alt tag topic…

Alt tags are there so that blind people can use the internet too. When a blind person is using the internet they will use a screen reader device that `reads` out loud to the blind person what is on their computer screen. Obviously when it comes to an image the machine isn’t smart enough to know and describe what is in that image – that’s where alt tags come in.

It is sooooo important for the alt tags description to be accurate, once the device reaches the image it will read out the description of it (that someone has filled in for the alt tag) and that is how a blind person will know what is in the image. My trail of thought went on to think about deaf and blind people – I wonder if there is a device that caters for them? They could invent a device similar to a screen reader but instead of speaking out loud it could print braille so the person can still use the internet. Not sure if it is really the craziest of ideas but it certainly made me think.