13 Totally Spectacular Epic Food Wins

Have you ever felt the sheer delight of buying your favourite foods and coming out on top? Whether it’s because you have an extra piece of finger licking good chicken in your bargain bucket or maybe your favourite fruit/veg being huge or even on the rare occasion the vending machine gives you an extra packet of crisps or chocolate bar. They are all epic food wins in my eyes but number 11 is an amazing epic food win!

1. 8 in 1 Grape

8 grapes fused together as one grape epic food win


It’s the octomom in grape form!

2. Double Kinder

a kinder egg with an extra layer of chocolate


This is my kinda food win! Double chocolate of the Kinder variety – mmmm!

3. Pepperception

a red bell pepper with a smaller green bell pepper that has formed inside it

It’s a pepper, inside a pepper, inside a pepper… I wonder how far it could go on? Bonus!

4. The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

bread that has been sliced width ways instead of length ways

Urmmm… I’m not quite sure that this is how bread is supposed to be sliced, come on Warburton’s workers, you had ONE job! Mind you, it would make for a pretty awesome sandwich!

5. Skittle Babies

a ball of tiny fused together miniature skittles

How cute are these mini Skittle babies?! It’s a very rare occurrence that you see them at this stage of forming – I don’t think I’d want to eat them!

6. Pizza WIN

a pizza box that says pack of two when really it has three pizzas inside

Imagine buying a box of two pizzas only to get home, open it and find an extra pizza. Extra free pizza = an epic food win for sure!

7. Orange Inside an Orange

an orange that has been peeled to reveal another tiny orange inside epic food win

So, you’ve peeled your orange and find another perfectly formed, segmented orange inside it. Is this orange-ception or orange baby? You decide!

8.Blue BALLS

giant blueberries in someones hand next to a coin to show size difference

Never mind getting your standard size blueberries – these are more like a golf balls! If you love blueberries then you’d love eating these bad boys, yum.

9. Avoca-yay!

an avocado sliced in half to reveal no stone inside

Avocados have got so popular in recent years mainly because of their delicious taste and healthy qualities. I’ve always wished that the stone in the middle would be smaller so I can get more of that delicious avocado flesh – this person really has won the food lottery with this stone free fruit!

10. The Luckiest Charm

a bowl of lucky charms cereal with one huge lucky charm

I think we can all agree that the best part about this breakfast cereal is the sweet, sugary charms that are scattered throughout, but does anyone else agree that there is never enough to satisfy that sweet tooth? Check out this epic food win – that is one big charm!

11. Vending Machine Jackpot Epic Food Win

vending machine vending out everything at once

Now this is the stuff of dreams. Imagine going to a vending machine and instead of the bloody thing you’ve chosen getting stuck; you get the whole lot for the same price, kerching!!

12. You’ve Got To Be Yolking…

10 boiled eggs cut in half to reveal double yolks epic food win

This makes me feel sad; I have never in my whole entire life been lucky enough to get a double yolked egg. This person has got not one, not two, but TEN double yolked eggs!

13. Mega Strawberry

a giant strawberry

This must be some form of super strawberry – look at the size of it!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog post, if you liked this then be sure to check back regularly for more funny and interesting posts. Bye for now!