23 Epic Cooking Disasters – So Bad You Will Feel Like An Expert Chef!

Cooking – it’s one of those things where you either have it or you don’t. Some people will be able to whip up a 7 course, 5 star, cooked from scratch dinner like it’s a walk in the park; they won’t even break a sweat or feel under pressure in the slightest. Others will struggle to make the simplest of dishes without burning it, they won’t know how to boil an egg or make toast and the kitchen will become the place of nightmares for them. Either way, that’s fine. However, if you do happen to be the latter, then do take solace in the fact that there are (many) people out there with much worse cooking skills than you, in fact I wouldn’t even call them skills; I’d call them total f**king cooking disasters!

1. Eat Pant?

bart simpson birthday cake instead of eat my shorts it says eat pants epic cooking disasters

It’s just about clear that it’s supposed to be Bart Simpson however I’m sure his catchphrase was `Eat My Shorts`?! This cake maker is getting sacked for sure!

2. BBQ Ribs…
bbq ribs that have been burnt to a crisp they are just like black ash

Not too sure this is quite what they had in mind when they said they fancied BBQ ribs for tea.

3. Number 10 On The Burnt Scale
extremely burnt chicken nuggets and tater tots

I bet they were so looking forward to that quick tea of tater tots and chicken nuggets.

4. What Even Is This?!?!

a watermelon being used as a pan to cook chicken soup cooking disasters

Who the f**k thought that this would be a good idea? Certainly one of my all time favourite cooking disasters, not only is it totally ridiculous to use a watermelon as a sauce pan and put it on the heat, chicken soup in the watermelon? Her poor ‘man’, it is a special combination that’s for sure.

5. Up There With The Top Cooking Disasters.oven has fallen apart

Not even sure what happened here.

6. Pizza For Tea?pizza that has cooked wrong and spilt all through the oven wire rack

To be fair on whoever did this; most pizza boxes do instruct you to put the pizza straight onto the wire grill. This is just unfortunate.

7. You Had One Jobcake batter that has spilled out of the cake tray all over the oven

Your one job was to keep the cake batter in, hence the name cake pan!

8. The Stuff of Nightmaresbuns that turned out completetly wrong they were supposed to look cute but look evil

This one is hilarious! Can you imagine expecting them to turn out as cute little faces and they end up like this?! Wooops, guess they won’t be getting served at little Mary’s Princess birthday party!

9. #NailedIt
attempt at cute chick devilled eggs that failed as a cooking disasters

Great job guys, sure did nail the cute chick look. #CookingDisasters

10. Ok…egg not cracked in pan it cracked all over the side

Again, not too sure what has happened here. Does the cook in question realise that the eggs are supposed to go INSIDE the pan?

11. Eggs Explodeeggs in the microwave have exploded and gone everywhere

Key point to remember in future… Do not try to cook an egg in the microwave with shell still intact.

12. Life Hack or Cooking Disaster?a coffee maker jug filled with water and hot dogs

I really can’t call this a cooking disaster, it’s genius really if you’re in the office and craving a hot dog!

13. What. The. Fuck.
a meatloaf designed to look like justin bieber

What on EARTH is this scary looking creation? I think the parents misheard, she actually wanted to MEET Justin.

14. We’ve All Been There.
a large knife and big rock have been used to help someone open their tin but failed epic cooking disasters

Getting home drunk at 2am with nothing to eat. Regretting not getting a kebab and can’t find a tin opener. We see the logic in this Neanderthal way of using a knife and a rock to open it instead.

15. Mmm Latex…scrambled eggs that have seemingly been cooked in a latex glove

I really would like to meet the person who thought it would be acceptable to cook eggs in a latex glove and them serve them up like this. Boak.

16. Pizza Mash upa pizza that has been cooked wrong and ended up a mangled mess

Perfect example of somebody who has experience in cooking disasters and thought `Fuck it, I’ll have the pizza however it turns out.’

17. No Colander? No problem!

life hack using a tennis racket to drain pasta instead of a colander

Another genius hack, hope they washed the tennis racket first.

18. More Rice?

huge amount of rice in a rice cooker that has expanded far too much cooking disasters

This seems like a common problem for most of us; not just the people that have never-ending cooking disasters. I always end up cooking the wrong amount, never this extreme though!

19. Smoothie?

a green smoothie that has been made without the lid on

Ffs do people still not remember to put the lid on a bloody smoothie maker? It’s not rocket science people!!

20. Damn Spaghetti

spaghetti so burnt it has stuck to the pan

How can people not cook the most simple of things – pasta?! The mind boggles.

21. Mom’s Spaghetti…spaghetti that is so burnt it has set on fire what a cooking disasters

…Would never turn out like this!

22. They Say Presentation Is Key
a snickers bar that has been very well presented on a bed of lettuce and a drizzle of chocolate sauce

Presentation has certainly been thought about here, a bit of a waste of time in my opinion though. Mmmm, snickers with a bed of finely chopped lettuce and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar – yum.

23. Yorky Puds

yorkshire puddings that have been in the oven too long and end up on top of the oven cooking disasters

Ahhh, Yorkshire’s finest, unless we are talking web design, then of course that would be us here at Roundhay Web Design that are Yorkshire’s finest mwahaha! Anyway, back to the Yorkshire puddings –  yes they are supposed to rise and it means they are cooked to perfection when they do. However I don’t think they should be rising to the top of the oven! (I’d still give them a bash with a bit of gravy though!)

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