6 Hilariously Honest Illustrations That Sum Up Adult Life Perfectly

Adulthood – it’s a wonderful wacky mix up of responsibility, stress, strain, deadlines, fun, love & tiredness all rolled into one. That’s why so many of us can relate to these hilariously honest illustrations no matter how painfully accurate they are.

Mari Andrew, a writer and illustrator, was inspired and took to Instagram to express her thoughts about her personal journey in her day to day adult life. Take a look at some of her hilariously honest illustrations below.

1. The Jigsaw of Life

a drawing of a jigsaw puzzle completed with pieces called art, friends job music dancing etc and one piecve left out that doesnt fit called love

Ah, we all know the feeling of trying to balance and stretch ourselves out so much to please everyone and everything around us – leaving no room for the more important things in life such as love.

2. The Wardrobe of Optimism

a wardrobe with items in such as a dress that will never be worn running shoes that will be never worn but all saved just incase hilariously honest illustrations

I think we’re all going to be guilty of this one. Who else has that one item in their wardrobe that hasn’t fit for donkey’s years but you have no intention of throwing it away because you never know, one day you may lose 4 stone and it will miraculously fit again! This is one of my favourite hilariously honest illustrations – even the running shoes relate. Seriously though, we do need to stop hoarding unnecessary things – ladies, I’m talking to you!

3. No Guilt Here

a text message on the left saying i wont be able to make it tonight and sad face emojis but then the same face on the left with party celebration emojis

Don’t you just hate having to make plans, I mean, having to commit yourself to a set-in stone day, time and place when you know deep down you really cannot be bothered to commit to that sort of thing. I won’t lie, I secretly sometimes love getting let down, it saves me having to make up some pathetic excuse as to why I can’t (read won’t) be making it. *Does a secret happy dance*

4. Taxes

a google search image with various previous searches including how do you do taxis and what should i think about edward snowden

Why are taxes not taught as part of the school curriculum? How many times have you ever had to use the oh so important Pythagoras theorem since leaving school? How glad are you that you know how photosynthesis works? And of course, the all-important table of elements, oh I remember having to completely memorise that thing; only to never ever use it again in adult life! Surely taxes would be a much more useful lesson in school as it helps set you up for the real life adult world. Hmm… I guess we will just have to carry on enlisting the help of good old Google!

5. Bah Humbug

a picture of a man moaning about donating money to refugees when he doesnt even donate money to anything himself he just buys new things hilariously honest illustrations

Ah, this is a real pet hate of mine that is summed up perfectly in another of the great hilariously honest illustrations. We have all come across a person like this at some point in our life; whether it’s on Facebook, the comments section of a news article or even via spoken words from somebody you personally know. The person that’s always banging on about `Why should we help them – they’re not British! What’s wrong with helping our own? ` These are the same kind of people will also be the ones to spout off` charity starts at home` when asked to donate to the likes of Help the Heroes, RSPCA, Children In Need etc. Pffft.

6. The Long & Winding Road

one image on the left of a very squiggly line depicted as a road saying what life looks like now and then another image on the right of a straight and normal road saying what life will look like in hindsight

Do you ever feel like life is just as it appears in the image on the left; long, no direction to it and full of twists and turns? Don’t despair – that’s just life, that’s what makes it so exciting, interesting and pretty unpredictable. In the end we’ll all look back and wonder why we stressed so much about silly things in the first place. It’s then that we approach the final long and straight forward descent in the journey of life.

I hope you enjoyed reading this slightly more serious post all about hilariously honest illustrations, be sure to check back regularly for more funny and interesting blog posts.