9 Clever And Mind Blowing Optical Illusion Paintings

Hi guys, hope you`re all well – it’s almost the weekend, yay! So yesterday I stumbled upon an amazing artist called Robert Gonsalves and just had to share some of his mind blowing optical illusion paintings. Gonsalves is an artist based in Toronto that is known for his unique and mind-blowing style of work.

He creates a very different vision of the world that is reflected in his surrealist paintings. In every piece of work that he creates, he tricks the viewers eyes as not everything is what it seems. There is always a transition between two worlds – one seemingly perfectly normal and one very abstract – he really is a master at making this transition look utterly seamless.

1.Towers Of Knowledge
at the front of the image it looks like people sitting in a library surrounded by books but as you look further back into the painting it looks like a small town with lots of buildings against a backdrop of the ocean

It’s hard to see where the library ends and the city begins. Even the sky has a seamless transition, what a beautiful and inspiring painting.

2. Unfinished Puzzle

mind blowing optical illusion painting of two children putting together a puzzle on the floor but one child is actually inside the puzzle where there is another scene of children playing it`s hard to tell wether the girl is in the puzzle of helping to make the puzzle

This reminds me of one of those street art paintings, you know the ones where it looks like the ground is opening up or where there’s a great building there but in reality it’s just a very cleverly done piece of art.

3. Ladies Of The Lake

an image of a lake with lots of tall pine trees reflecting onto the lakes service but as th reflections get closer you start to see figures of ladies in long white clothes carrying lamps walking out of the lake onto land

Who else thinks this painting is pretty eery? I think it’s fascinating how effortlessly the trees are reflected onto the lake and then out of nowhere the ladies start appearing. What a clever artist.

4. The Phenomenon Of Floating

at the top of the image it looks like the earth as viewed from space but as the earth curves and you look below it you`ll see a forest of trees with a lake in the middle and a person floating on it

In space no one can hear you scream… But are you in space? Or are you floating on a lake in the forest somewhere? Who knows with this mind blowing optical illusion painting.

5. Carved In Stone

what looks like monks carving into stone walls soon turns into a white mass of water heading straight towards them from further up the village

At first glance this looks like a group of monks setting to work carving intricate designs into stone. Then on second glance it looks like something completely different, something dangerous! Quick, run, the water is coming!

6. The Sun Sets Sail

a bridge crosses over the sea but underneath in the arches there appears to be big ships with huge white sails appearing

This is by far my favourite mind blowing optical illusion painting. I think it’s so cleverly created – the boats and bridges blend that effortlessly together it’s hard to tell where one ends and the next begins.

7. Bedtime Aviation

a small group of children are playing in their bedroom bouncing on their bed which has a patchwork quilt on it but then they start flying towards the left of the photo over patchwork fields with aeroplanes flying around them

Now this brings a whole new meaning to bedtime stories! When I was younger I lived in a very rural area that was surrounded by fields and farms – I always used to say that the fields looked just like a patchwork quilt, almost as if they’d been stitched together – looks like it isn’t just me that thinks that way as this awesome painting shows.


8. Here Comes The Flood

mind blowing optical illusion painting of a village with houses on either side and a river running through it but once you look at the front of the image you will see lots of villagers holding up blue coloured pieces of shiny card to make the effect of a river actually being there

Looking into the distance, this painting looks like an idyllic country village with a wonderful river flowing through it, take a step back and look at the bottom of it and you’ll see it’s actually the villagers playing a little trick on us!

9. Change Of Scenery – Making Mountains

a couple sitting in their living room looking out of their window at what appears to be mountains but they are just clouds, the curtains have been cut with scissors cleverly to give the illusion of mountains

Ever get sick of the same old view out of your windows? Fancy a change of scenery? Simple – get yourself a pair of scissors and style your curtains to give an illusion of an entirely different landscape, a la Robert Gonsalves!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and looking at the mind blowing optical illusion paintings; check back soon for more fun, clever and interesting posts!