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Of Roundhay Web Design based in Roundhay Leeds, UK. His job is to help ensure excellent customer service is provided throughout and to project manage work with clients.

When Simon M. Macbeth first started working for himself back in 1998, he lived in a small run down house in Roundhay Leeds and had a pretty demanding job. After coming home from work, he’d fill his online orders but didn’t have much time left for the things he loved.

After a few months he quit the job, and became self employed full time. Simon Macbeth, became a self taught web designer in Leeds in 2009 and is really thankful for that because his happiness level has gone way up, and he’s now making money doing what he love’s to do and what he’s really good at.

Get To Know Us

We operate out of our office in the centre of Leeds. Our company is made up of a super talented team of designers, developers, SEO experts, marketers, writers and more! Our skilled team has many years professional experience, which sets us apart from many amateur web agencies.

We’re proud of being a small local business as we offer a personal, friendly and honest service at competitive prices that don’t compromise on quality.

There’s nothing we love more than seeing our clients succeed! It puts a great big smile on our faces to hear from our clients that they are doing well and couldn’t be happier with their progress. Just see our shining reviews for proof of our customers achievements.

Working with Simon Macbeth

At Roundhay we believe in working closely with our clients to give them a personal service that will give them a bespoke solution to meet their needs.
We pride ourselves on our strong communication, as we guide our clients through every stage of the process. We take the time to explain all the various processes involved, as we value their input and want them to feel like we’re working as a team.

Whether you’re just starting out, a small business or a large corporation we will effectively work with you and offer the same high quality level of support, advice and care to make sure your requirements are met.

We specialise in offering solutions to fit, whether you require a simplistic text and image site or a larger scale custom site.

Our work is tailored to your needs and budget. Unlike the majority of companies we won’t try and sell you anything irrelevant to your requirements, sticking to exactly what you need.

Our Achievements...

…Throughout our Web Design career we have achieved a lot and we are certainly proud of that. For the past four years we have been grateful to receive an annual award for ‘UK’s Best Low Cost Web Design’ for our budget friendly services that don’t compromise on quality.

What We Can Do For You...

…We will review your requirements and create you a bespoke website that is designed to showcase your personality. The focus will be on your sites call to actions, to make sure it works how it’s supposed to for your success.

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I’ve contacted a few other companies for quotes but I came across your portfolio and it’s certainly the one that stood out and impressed me the most.

Also being a Yorkshire boy myself, I want to support a local business.

December 9, 2018, Ben Ray


Your website is brilliant! The colour scheme is smashing, the information is helpful and your team is spot in with their help.

November 12, 2018, Shane Allison


I’ve recently started a website, the information you offer has helped me greatly. Thank you for all of your time & work.

October 28, 2018, Ken Betten