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Cloud hosting is something that many people find confusing. Common questions that people ask include: ‘what exactly is ‘the cloud’?’; ‘how does it work?’ – and, the question on most people’s lips: ‘is it safe?’. We’re going to answer all of those questions explaining why cloud hosting is a great idea. What Exactly Is

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The Truth About Reviews: Managing Your Online Reputation

With more and more people shopping for products and services online, reviews are becoming an increasingly important part of consumers’ shopping experiences. Sites such as Trustpilot allow people to leave their thoughts about the websites they’ve purchased from, and it’s these reviews that can influence other shoppers. It’s clear, then, that managing your online

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Why You Need a New Website in 2019!

Is your website outdated? Incredibly boring? Just simply crap? Stop making your poor customers snooze when they’re looking to learn more about your services and contact you! It’s time to take a good look at your shit site and say enough is enough; your website WILL look good and it WILL be user friendly!