Christmas Appeal: 100 Toys for 100 Kids

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For every toy you donate, we’ll donate a toy – Meaning that 100 toys donated equals 200 toys for the children of Leeds this Christmas.

That’s right, for every toy that gets donated we’ll donate one too!

Roundhay Web Design are launching an appeal for toys to donate to disadvantaged kids who are in danger of waking up on Christmas morning to no presents from Santa.

By giving a gift to our Christmas Appeal you can make a real difference to a child’s life. The toys can be for children aged between 2 and 15, for either boys or girls and be any value – all we ask is the toys are brand new and not wrapped.

At Roundhay Web Design we regularly get involved with charitable organisations and appeals. We’ve taken part in various campaigns for good causes, which you can read plenty about. For example, we recently participated in Radio Aires Cash for Kids Charity auction by donating an impressive (even if we do say so ourselves!) £2,500 web design package to a lucky bidder, turned winner.

How To Get Involved

The options for making donations are as follows:

1. Deliver in Person

We’d love to meet you with your generous toy donations! Use our contact us page to reach out to our team and make arrangements. You never know, we might even treat you to a cup of tea!

2. Online Delivery

Don’t have as much time? Not a tea drinker? Well, that’s OK – we can accept your kind donations delivered directly from Amazon, Argos, or wherever you like to shop online (is Toys ‘R’ Us still a thing?) Have a chat with our team and we’ll provide the address, and you can let us know when to expect your donation. Again, use our contact page to reach us.

3. Collection

If donating over 5 toys we MAY be able to collect them from your address – As long as you don’t live in Armley! Oh go on then, we MIGHT even be willing to brave the strangest areas of Leeds. If you’d like us to do the leg work and come to collect your donation then please contact us.

4. Cash Donations

We will also accept cash donations for the folk that would rather not browse the endless stream of toys available these days! Back in my day the only options were a Fur Baby (creepy things they are!) or a Tamagotchi, which I’m sure is still stuffed in a draw somewhere. Contact our team or submit a payment via PayPal with the reference ‘Xmas Toys’.

Suggested Gift List for Children

We believe every child deserves a new gift at Christmas so here is a handy gift guide to give you some ideas. Although, we do suggest you stay away from that awful slime everyone’s raving about at the moment. What’s that all about??

  • 2 years:  dolls, teddy bears, cot mobiles, baby clothes, bath toys, CDs of suitable music and nursery rhymes, puzzles
  • 2-5: dolls and action figures, cars, lorries, DVDs and CDs (music and nursery rhymes), colouring sets, pencils, crayons, books, puzzles
  • 5-9: educational games & toys, stationery (colouring sets, pencils, crayons, school sets), CDs & family friendly DVDs, books, puzzles, wordsearch, crosswords
  • 9-12: games and toys, stationery, DVDs, books, t-shirts, hair accessories, gloves, scarves, hats
  • 13-15: books, make-up and toiletries, gloves, scarves, hats, t-shirts, hair accessories and gift vouchers

What Happens with Your Donations?

With nearly 1 in 4 children across the UK living in poverty this December, for many families Christmas is sadly a luxury they can’t afford. Our mission is to give these families a helping hand, with your support.

We want to say a thank you to the below charities for accepting these gifts and for working hard to improve the well-being of local young people.

1. Candlelighters

pink white and yellow logo for candlelighters charity

On the wards, at the family support centre or in the community, Candlelighters support families blighted by the tragedy that is children’s cancer in Yorkshire. They are involved in all sorts of different projects to help ordinary families who are facing extraordinary circumstances.

A great deal of the money they raise goes into funding, and helping to fund, important cancer research. In addition to the Candlelighters Children’s Cancer Research Laboratory in Leeds, they also help fund external research projects across Yorkshire.


2. St Gemmas

reception staff sat at desk in entrance at the st gemmas location in leeds

St Gemma’s  provide the best possible care and quality of life for local people with terminal conditions as they approach the final stages – both at the Hospice and out in the community.

They offer care tailored to the needs of their patients and carers in the Hospice’s 32 bed In-Patient Unit, through the St Gemma’s community team and via day services, which includes a day hospice and an out-patient department. Their care is always provided free-of-charge and is open to patients of all beliefs, religions and cultures.

St Gemma’s is the largest hospice in Yorkshire and one of the largest in the UK.


3. The Leeds Teaching Hospital

nurse interacting with a baby on one of the wards at the leeds teaching hospital

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is one of the largest and busiest acute hospital trusts in the UK. They contribute to life in the Leeds region, not only by being one of the largest employers with almost 18,000 staff, but by supporting the health and well-being of the community and playing a leading role in research, education and innovation.

This means they have access to some of the country’s leading clinical expertise and the most advanced medical technology in the world.


4. Salvation Army

red salvation army bell held in a mans hand

The Salvation Army is a Christian organisation and part of the universal Christian Church. Its message and the lifestyle it advocates are based on the Bible’s teaching. Its work is to make known the good news about Jesus Christ and to persuade people to become his followers.

They see and offer support with many of the problems our society faces – family breakdown, poverty, homelessness, hunger, drug and alcohol addiction, domestic violence, child abuse and much more. This organisation work with men, women and children who are suffering greatly. More than anything they work to do something practical to help improve and transform their lives.


Thank You

Thank you again to all involved. It’s because of your generosity that we can make such a difference to the lives of disadvantaged children. We look forward to sharing our lovely donation photos with you.

Visit our Facebook post to see the kind people who have donated 


Earlier this year, in October time, we kick started our annual Christmas toy appeal. Our aim was to try and put a smile on as many children’s faces as possible this Christmas – I certainly think we have managed to succeed! Each year in Leeds alone, there are over twenty thousand children that would otherwise go without a Christmas present, how heartbreaking is that. If we can help just 100 kids this year, we’ve done a good job. But wait… this year, we managed to collect and distribute over two hundred toys and gifts thanks to the generous donations we received. True to our word, we went out and matched the donations (and more!). Our donations weren’t as many as we had anticipated, so we added extra to our budget and went toy shopping!

St Gemmas Hospice in Moortown, Leeds. Lit up beautifully outside for Christmas, festive lights on the Christmas tree.

We began our toy shopping at Smyths Toy Superstore in Leeds, where we managed to acquire some good deals on things such as Lego, soft toys and other games. We then proceeded to visit the brand new Home Bargains in Garforth with the rest of our budget… If you’re struggling this Christmas, could I just point out that Home Bargains is extremely good value for money – we filled almost three trolleys and that was on a budget!

St Gemma’s Hospice

This is a charity close to many peoples hearts. St Gemma’s Hospice offers palliative care and support to terminal cancer patients. The member of staff that took the toy donation in was told that whilst there isn’t a dedicated children’s area of the hospice, these toys will still go to very good use. As previously mentioned, they offer support to families affected by the dreaded C word, including bereaved children that have lost a sibling or parent. Christmas will be a hard time to be without a loved one, so we are hoping our toy donation will help bring them some much deserved festive cheer. Keep up the hard work St Gemma’s, you guys are doing an absolutely amazing job! We love how festive the building looks outside, especially those pretty lights on the giant Christmas tree.

St Gemmas hospice christmas tree lit up and decorated with lots of toy and gift donations from Roundhay Web Design.

Roundhay Web Design’s toy donation, under St Gemma’s Christmas tree.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals & Candlelighters

This year, Candlelighters joined forces with Leeds Cares and Leeds Teaching Hospitals, to create a donation drop off point in the entrance to the Clarendon Wing at the LGI. We hope that the presents donated bring a big smile to the poorly children’s faces.

Christmas tree with lots of toy and gift donations underneath it with an inflatable snowman and santa in the LGI.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is based on Nile Street, Leeds. They do a brilliant job all year round at supporting families that may otherwise struggle. In particular at Christmas, The Salvation Army put together parcels of food and other donations including toys and clothing, for families that are having a hard time. Their mission is to ensure that no family goes cold, hungry or lonely at Christmas time. Keep up the fab work guys.

Salvation Army Leeds christmas tree and nativity scene with the toys that Roundhay Web Design donated under the tree.

Marshall’s Mill – Save The Children

This renovated mill containing lots of offices wasn’t on our ‘places to donate to’ list, however in passing, one of our colleagues took the opportunity to add presents under this gigantic, awesome looking real Christmas Tree! Looks like they already have an impressive amount of donations under the tree, all ready to be sent over to Save The Children charity.

Giant real christmas tree in the office buildings Marshalls Mill in Leeds. Toys donated by Roundhay Web Design

Thank You!

The team at Roundhay Web Design would like to wish all of our customers a huge thank you! Customers both old and new have helped make this idea a reality, and of course you guys that liked, shared on commented on our Christmas Toys post on social media – huge thank you! Let’s make next years toy donation even bigger! See you next year guys, have a very Merry Christmas!