Clever Ideas That Should Be Implemented Everywhere!

While some geniuses are trying to take people to Mars or transfer their minds into machines, others are developing ideas that focus on bettering our earthly everyday, mundane lives. But it doesn’t mean they’re less worthy, right?

Clever Ideas You’ll Be Wowed By!

Keep scrolling for a compiled list of awesome inventions and designs you didn’t know you needed. They’re as clever as they’re simple, yet effective.

1. A Swing Designed For A Parent & Child To Swing Together

a photo of a wing designed for a parent and child by combining both types of swing

A very innovative idea for tired parents. Every park should have these swings!

As a parent I think this idea is absolutely ingenious! Putting a young child on a swing for that first time is always a slightly terrifying experience. The parents usually end up with mild palpitations whilst their child who can’t even walk yet is pushed just far enough out of reach that if they can’t catch them if they fall. I remember it well – Tell me where this device is so I can promote it to the masses!

2. Shopping Carts With Calculators Attached

image of a shopping trolley with a calculator attached to the handles

How many of you would count on this? Sure, you could argue that you can bring your own calculator to the supermarket, but having a hands free option is much easier.

How perfect is this? No more guesstimating your shopping total as you walk around the store – add it up accurately and know you can splash out on that extra pack of rolos in the checkout queue.

3. Conveniently Placed Elevator Call Buttons

This call button is located 30 feet away from the elevator so you can call for it to reach you by the time you get to them.

Whilst I like this idea I just know it wouldn’t be that simple. Not my favourite item on this list but one I think many people will like.

4. Shops That Show Staff If You’d Like Help Or Not

image of baskets in a shop that indecate if you need help depending on the colour chosen

This would so helpful when you just want to quickly run into a shop to grab something without having staff stop you.

In the UK I can’t imagine these being used very much – however in America or Japan I can imagine these being very popular with the masses.

5. Pill Bottle Tells You When You Last Opened It

image of a pill bottle that shows what time it was last opened

This handy medication bottle will help jog your memory and keep you from missing your pills.

Imagine how much this would help people with dementia or short term memory issues.

6. Mountain Finding Device In Switzerland

Sometimes low-tech is the best way, as this device shows!

I wonder how effective this really was – a bit like these advertising fails

7. Traffic Lights In Ukraine

ab image showing traffic in ukraine where the traffic light poles are the colour its changing to

These lights are not only helpful but they’re pretty cool too – especially at night!

How brilliant are these! I imagine you would get complaints from the neighbours if you installed them in a residential area – but for motorway roundabouts these would be perfect!

8. Accessibility Matts On The Beach – For Wheelchair & Stroller Users

photo shows a beach that uses accessability matts for wheelchair and stroller users

Every beach should have these to make life that little bit easier for everyone.

Making the beaches accessible for all (not just wheelchair users – prams and those who have difficulty walking on uneven surfaces will love this invention.

9. UPS Trucks use Natural Lighting

photos showing how ups trucks use natural lighting

The roof of UPS trucks are actually not brown, they’re translucent so the inside is lit by natural light during the day. Creative and energy saving!

Simple but effective ideas like this are what will help save the planet – I’m convinced.

10. A Cone Of Silence So You Have Somewhere Silent To Take Phone Calls

photo of a silence cone tahts basically a phone booth

This is essentially just a phone booth, right?

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