6 Content Marketing Trends to Take Advantage Of In 2018 | Infograph

2018 is the year you should really go all out on content marketing! Before you get stuck into that; you need to know about the trends that you should adopt to be able to form a winning strategy!!

welcoming content marketing 2018

Here I Have Written A List Of The Coolest Trends That Made It Into 2018!

1) Published Content On Social Media

Sharing on social media has become very popular over the last couple of years and we will definitely see more content from businesses being published.

Businesses use all kinds of social media platforms to post plenty of unique posts that will be popular to their followers.

It makes it 10x easier to reach out to consumers as they are already signed up to the majority of social media platforms.

2) Going Beyond!

Smart devices are being created every day and getting more and more popular! So, content marketing should take advantage of this.

Some of the latest smart home appliances like smart watches are just some of the latest ways people are staying connected.

3) Creating More Personalised Content

Thanks to technological advancements, it is a lot easier to create personalised content in 2018. Analytics can be often used to learn more about each potential customer and where they go on their shopping ventures! This allows business to create a more personalised content for the readers which is exactly what they need!!

4) Live Streaming

Live streaming is already very popular, all thanks to platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Businesses are now able to live stream new products and releases!! So, this proves that live streaming will definitely provide much more marketing opportunities for businesses in 2018.

It turns out that 82% of surveyed customers prefer watching a live video than having to read over loads of different types of social media posts. Reading can get quite boring and repetitive for those who just want to chill out and scroll through social media after a hard day at the office.

5) Making Your Own Influences

Consumers can become very important tools for content marketing in 2018. This is because, when consumers love a brand they choose to become brand ambassadors.

Companies are able to focus on providing the best products, services and custom content. This will encourage any consumers to become a lot more public when promoting the brand.

6) Being More Transparent

Customers are beginning to create a dislike for companies that try to hide their branded logos as they are becoming more and more aware of them.  But in 2018, companies are becoming more and more transparent about advertising, making them much more trustworthy and approachable.

Take A Look At The Infograph For More Detail:

content marketing trends infograph 2018

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