Conversion Rate Need Improving? Boost It By Cleverly Using Images

Helpful Tips To Boost Your Conversion Rate By Cleverly Using Images

It’s no shock to people just how powerful a tool an image can be and here at Roundhay Web Design we know just how important an image is when it comes to adding content to our websites. Not only does it have the opportunity to make your website stand out from the rest; it can also be utilised a lot more efficiently simply by choosing the correct content for your images. If this is done properly then you will have no problem boosting your conversion rate; in more ways than one as you will find out below.

an infographic showing three images one saying your visitors one saying your website and then next saying increase in sales

It could work by making your website a lot more attractive to its visitors. This will boost your conversion rate, the things you would like to increase will undoubtedly increase; be it subscriptions being taken up, a noticeable increase in sales being made or more people opting in to your email newsletters.

Our Tips To Boost Your Conversion Rate – Choosing The Correct Content For Your Images

1. Consider Using a Mascot for Your Brand

a variety of mascots such as colonel sanders from kfc and mr pringle the faces of pringles this clever use of images can boost your conversion rate

Some of the most successful brands in history didn’t just have a logo on their side; they also designed and produced some of the most recognisable brand mascots ever. Mascots considerably help to define your marketing and branding themes – creating a uniform feel across the board. They give your customers and clients familiarity by using the mascot as a symbol to associate with your business.

Try imagining them as a cartoon character that comes to life with a personality of its own, this will then create a strong, last image in the consumers mind and even subliminally create an emotional attachment to this character when they see it; the emotion could be anything from comfort, to hunger to happiness. On occasion, the emotion could be anger – lets all take a minute to think of a well known large man that usually wears a suit for a comparison advert for example… Any publicity is good publicity is a phrase that springs to mind if it means a boost to your conversion rate!

2. Give Your Images That Human Touch

a man leaning on a motorcycle wearing a bra and knickers

Have you ever heard someone, probably in marketing, say; people are more likely to buy from people – not robots. In other words, if you feel as though you can relate to the person in the advert, have a friendly chat on the phone to the person at a call centre or you get a good vibe and end up `liking` the person at the other end of the email – you are much more likely to buy from them.  Most people would rather buy from a person instead of a non personal website or a live chat robot.

So, in summary – if you are selling products aimed at humans for either their consumption or use then you should consider showing actual people using them. This will feel a lot more personal to the consumer instead of just having an image of the product you are trying to sell. Make sure you carefully consider which models you use for each product, they need to be compatible. You wouldn’t use a big, butch, tattooed motorcyclist to advertise a new lingerie or make up brand would you?

3. Think Outside The Box

an image taken from inside a cardboard box with the text outside the box saying think outside the box

You need to realise that your customers are always looking to see something that is different from everyone else. They want to see something out of the ordinary; something that says you are much better than the competition as you are thinking outside the box. It just shows that you have a great imagination and this reflects well as a whole on the company and its reputation.

When it comes to adding image content to your website, thinking outside the box could mean anything from interesting photographic angles and techniques to giving consumers the ability to rotate images to see the product from all angles.

4. High Image Quality Is A Must If You Want To Boost Your Conversion Rate

the image on the left is of a low resolution kitten saying that he is adorable and you would love to adopt him and the image on the right is a low resolution image saying he looks like hes made of lego

See the difference? A different example altogether with a slight humour to it, but you get the point. If a customer sees a product that catches their eye then they will want to look further, if the image is of a low resolution then they aren’t really very likely to have a good impression of the company in question and therefore will be less likely to make a purchase. Even simple little things like poor image quality are enough to stop an increase in your conversion rate.

5. Make Your Products Stand Out

a man staring at a big burger a clever way to boost conversion rate

Draw attention to your products. This can be done by anything from big, bright arrows to a bold and colourful frame; but there are more clever ways to draw attention to your products. For example; if you have a new range out then why not add a couple of bold words such as JUST ARRIVE or NEW IN to your image? If you have people in your images then be sure to get them to interact with the product. If it is a food item – you could get them eating it, cooking with it, buying it, looking at it, the list goes on…

6. And Most Importantly…

the customer is always right, right?

Yep! This old classic, the customer is always right. Or more importantly, remember it is all about THEM not YOU. So ensure that the images you are choosing to add to your website truly resonate with your customers, this is key to increasing your conversion rate so be sure to put your ego to one side. Imagine you are the customer; what would they want to see? Will they enjoy their online shopping experience on your eCommerce site? Will they recommend you to their friends or leave you a good review? If the answer to either of the last three points is no then you should really consider making an adjustment to the image content you add to your website.

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