Creative Photography – A Sneaky Peak Behind The Scenes

Ever Wondered Just How Professional Creative Photographers Get Their Shots That Perfect It Seems That Sorcery Is Involved?

Well, wonder no more! Brazilian design & creative photographer; Gilmar Silva, has compiled a brilliant collection of clever and creative photography called LUGAR x PHOTO; translated to place and photo! You also get to see just how that perfect shot was taken and just how much effort went into getting it right behind the scenes of the photo shoot. Gilmar Silva specialises in wedding and family photography – his work is pretty amazing if I’m honest. Pregnancy photo shoots seem to be a big trend at the minute too as I’m sure you will realise when you scroll through the photos; there are lots of baby bump photos that have been taken in very imaginative ways. This guy should get himself into the design industry!

couple having creative photoshoot on pier

At first glance I thought: “Yeah, that’s just a lot of clever Photoshop design work.” How wrong was I?! From the angles the photos are taken from to the actual setting of the background, you will be amazed at the amount of time, effort and thought that has gone into these amazing creative photographs!

1. Nature Photography

behind the scenes at a creative photography shoot

What a beautiful, creative photo! Taken from a pretty awkward angle but the result is amazing. I would have definitely dropped that camera into the water if I was that photographer – so clumsy!

2. Newborn Photo-shoot
a baby being held in a make shift hammock creative photography

I have always wondered just how these photos are achieved! Some of them look absolutely fantastic; just don’t drop the baby!

3. Spot The Difference!creative photography with a couples reflection captured in the puddle

What a difference there is between these two photos! One looks like it’s taken on the side of the road in some run down area and the other looks so blissful and beautiful… That’s just another brilliant camera angle from Gilmar Silva.

4. Au Naturalclever use of photography catching the reflection of a mum and daughter breastfeeding

Could you get any more natural than this? I love the reflection of the mother and child in the puddle; Silva has a brilliant eye for design don’t you think?

5. I Hope That Isn’t Waste Water…creative photography from all angles

The little girl is just looking at her parents and thinking what on earth are they doing – what’s going on lol!

6. Floating Swing…trick photography of a girl looking to be using a string of flowers as a swing but really people are holding it in place

It looks as though the swing is hanging from the sky in the second Photo-shopped image. The design team of photographers had a sneaky trick to get this effect as you’ll see in the first image.

7. Wedding Photoclever and creative wedding photography

Wow! What a gorgeous wedding photo. To me, it looks as though it has been sneakily snapped, I would never have thought the photographer had gone to this length for it!

8. In The Meadows…behind the scenes of a creative photoshoot with a baby

This is such a stunning photo, although it wasn’t taken in a beautiful meadow full of flowers and wildlife – it was actually shot at the side of a road!

9. Filter? What Filter…clever photography with a flower in front of the lens to make it look colourful

Long before the likes of Snapchat and MSQRD were around, there were ways that people could still use a pretty filter on their photos; using elements of nature!

10. Falling Leaves
behind the scenes of a creative photography session

I did wonder how those leaves managed to be so perfectly placed at just the right time when this photo was taken. Again, another brilliant effort from the design team as part of this photo-shoot!

11. That Looks Uncomfortable…clever creative photography of a lady laying on a pile of rocks

I must admit, this is a superb photo. The lighting, pose and background are all spot on. My only issue is this; just how long did she have to pose in this position for? I bet her back was hurting after laying here!

12. What A Corker!clever creative photography at a wedding to look like cork is perfectly timed

This is such a quirky, unique wedding photo. Bravo Silva and your design team, another fantastic professional photo!

13. Clever Car Photography
clever photography trick of a lady in a car

This bride looks the picture of happiness – I bet it’s because she chose such an amazing photographer!

14. Big Smiles!
behind the scenes creative photoshoot

How different are these two images? The first image looks as though it was taken just as the sun was setting; the second looks like it has been taken in such a bright and vibrant place. It’s amazing what a good camera angle and a good bit of design on Photo shop can do!

15. Pregnancy Photo Shoot
photo shoot at the side of the road behind the scenes

This guy sure does love taking photos at the side of the road doesn’t he? Like any good designer he has an eye for it – he will have known before even considering doing a photo shoot here that it would look amazing!

16. Wasteland or Wonderland?creative photography design couple on a beach with reflection in water

At first glance of the photo on the right it looks like this couple is in a beautiful place, perhaps a beach front. After looking at the true image on the left you can see that yet again Silva has made a wasteland area look awesome.

17. Altogether Now… AWWWW!clever photography or photoshop trick with a dog and baby

So it’s not just a case of waiting for baby to get into such a deep sleep that you could position it on the dog like this? Who’d have thought!

18. Silva’s Eye For Design Is Spectacular
more creative photography of a pregnant lady

Not many people would be able to see past the horrible bin and railings in the foreground of this photo. It’s a good job Silva did, the result is gorgeous.

19. Laying In The Dirt…creative photography design behind the scenes in the countryside

I bet that most people who request a photographer wouldn’t ever think they would end up laying on the floor in the dirt to get the perfect photo…

20. Hope It Wasn’t Cold…creative photography design pregnant lady in the sea

What is the fascination with baby bumps and photo shoots especially for them? Fair enough you’re proud of your bump and growing baby inside but why spend so much money on a photo-shoot specially for your stomach? Save it for when the baby is born!

21. You Can Lean On My Shoulders…couple having creative photoshoot on pier

This is why you always need a colleague when it comes to photo shoots. You just never know when you need somebody’s shoulders to lean on, haha!

22. Wowcreative photography design

They say a picture says a thousand words and with this particular photo I agree, it does. To me, it looks like this lady has arrived at a hospital, ready to have her baby. The photographer has done a brilliant job with the design and layout of this one – especially with the lighting in the background.

23. WTF?!
behind the scenes photography beach

This photo is so cringey. What is the purpose/point of it? Still, regardless of my opinion Silva has yet again done a brilliant job (albeit abit odd!)

24. I Saved The Best Until Last…
reality of photography design

Wow, wow and wow again! The design element of this photo is magnificent! Something as simple as a small leaf can have such a massive effect on the end result of a photo.