Why Digital Marketing Is Killing Traditional Advertising

Times change, technology evolves and with it businesses and individuals simply must adapt. Could you imagine telling somebody in 2018 that you don’t have an email address for your e receipt?

Unimaginable however there was a time not too long ago when email addresses weren’t the norm.

So, how has this shift toward the online affected marketing and advertising? Well traditional methods have become defunct. Sure, we still have TV and radio.

But with a larger audience sat at their laptops or on the bus on their smart phones, the bigger question is why wouldn’t marketers tap into this seemingly unlimited audience.

So, Let’s Take A Look At Why Digital Marketing Beats Traditional Advertising?


Cost plays a part in all marketing. Even the biggest and most recognisable brands have a budget.

Simply put, digital marketing is astronomically cheaper than traditional methods. If we compare the methods the price gap to reach 1000 viewers is obvious…

  • The costs to advertise your product or services in a catalogue? £250!
  • Radio? £140
  • Surprisingly, reaching an audience on prime time TV is only around £30

However, if we look at digital methods we can see the difference in the cost of reaching 1000 consumers on line

  • it is as little as £1-£3!

It’s a no brainer for marketing managers who must justify their budgets.


How appealing are the traditional methods of advertising? Very few people enjoy receiving unsolicited direct mail. In fact it’s been reported that 44% of unexpected direct mail is never even opened.

Considering the cost of direct mail is the highest among the traditional methods, sitting at around £400 to reach 1000 homes! 440 of those homes won’t open the mail.

Individuals are much less annoyed at direct emails which costs next to nothing to send and can be uber targeted toward people who actually want the products. Showing a beautifully interactive page with ‘buy now’ options.

It’s easy to see why the traditional methods are dying out.

Media Has Changed

Although I don’t think TV adverts are about to stop anytime soon, the reach they once had is no longer there. TV has changed. We no longer sit down to a choice of 5 set channels in the evenings.

With 100’s of channels and packages available it’s not even guaranteed your ad will reach the right audience.

Tv has moved online also, with technology allowing us to record and skip to our favourite programmes, people are skipping adverts all together. One survey states that as many as 86% of people skip all TV adverts possible!

In Short…

TV’s will still have adverts, you will probably still receive the odd unsolicited letter offering you a voucher for your eye care. Radio will likely stand the test of time too, offering local deals.

But it’s no longer absolutely necessary to invest in these methods in order to be successful. I whole heartedly believe we’ll see more and more newer, younger businesses opt to completely forgo these traditional methods in favour digital marketing.

What’s your take on traditional vs digital? Let us know in the comments section below!

infographic showing the pros and cons of digital marketing vs traditional advertising and why digital beats traditional the page is spliut vertical in shades of blue on the left showing digital facts and shades of pink on the right showing traditional facts