Donated Web Design Package – #FreeLatifa

social media image for free latifa campaign

Simon Macbeth and the team at Roundhay Web Design were immensely proud to become involved in the ‘Escape From Dubai’ campaign which seeks to locate Princess Latifa of Dubai and secure her freedom. The Princess has been missing since March when her boat was captured as she attempted to flee Dubai, and her tyrannical father Sheikh Al Maktoum.

We helped to design the original Escape From Dubai website with those leading the campaign. After the design was agreed we set to work developing the site and creating and adding content. The time, work and expertise we provided were all donated due to our desire to play a part in securing a happy outcome to a desperately sad story.

Escape From Dubai Goes Live

When the original website went live on the internet those leading the campaign were delighted. Feedback was excellent, but we couldn’t help but feel a few changes would take it to the next level.

We discussed some of our thoughts and ideas with David Haigh, one of the leading figures in the campaign. David agreed are over the course of a few weeks a new vision was born.

The decision was taken to design and build a new website, with a fresh name and look, to replace Escape From Dubai.

#FreeLatifa Is Born

After much debate we settled on the name #FreeLatifa – a hashtag already trending around the globe as awareness of this crime grows. A new design was created to showcase the various people and platforms involved in the campaign.

The new website went live at the start of August. Pride barely covers how we feel to have worked on such a worthwhile project. As media interest has increased, the #FreeLatifa website has become a trove of information and resources.

It tells how the Princess attempted to escape the Middle East after years of mistreatment before detailing how she was recaptured by her family. The website enables people to discover what has happened, how people are challenging the Dubai Royals, and the efforts to secure the freedom Latifa dreamed of.

Join The Campaign

Head over to #FreeLatifa and you will be greeted with various information which explains how you can help. No matter how big or small, if we all come together to raise awareness and pressure, Princess Latifa can be saved from the unimaginable trauma she is currently enduring.