Roundhay Web Design Play The Easter Bunny Role To The Less Fortunate Of Leeds

Before Christmas, the brains (if not the looks (Sorry Simon!) behind Roundhay Web Design in Roundhay donated over £200 worth of toys to Radio Aire’s ‘Cash for Kids’ campaign and the Salvation Army. Fresh from playing Santa, Simon decided that rather than pretending he was a fat, old man from Lapland, it was time to bring out his inner bunny.

So, off we all went to local supermarkets and bought over 150 Easter Eggs. You can see how many below. Fortunately, they weren’t in my kitchen. Charity or no charity, my love of chocolate comes first!

over 120 easter eggs in boxes and cartons stacked on a kitchen table

Tragically, the team are well aware of my selfish chocolate addiction! So, the eggs were safely out of my reach and donated to 4 worthwhile causes across our wonderful city.

St Gemma’s Hospice

St Gemma’s Hospice are based in Moortown in North Leeds. They care for terminally ill people and offer support to their families. As a hospice, St Gemma’s receive no central Government funding and rely on fundraising and charitable donations to do the wonderful work they do.

st gemmas hospice in leeds' logo in celebration of 40 years serving the community of leeds

A member of the Roundhay team visited to drop our donation off and St Gemma’s have given some of the Eggs to their patients and will use some in a fundraising raffle. They posted on our Facebook page to thank us – may we say this was totally unnecessary. It is us as residents of Leeds who want to thank them for the incredible work they do in our city.

Leeds Street Kitchen

Leeds Street Kitchen do amazing work gathering food donations. They then organise an army of volunteers to meet and distribute food to homeless people in Leeds and beyond. The work they do in helping those less fortunate in our communities is fantastic. We at Roundhay are always grateful for the opportunity to help in any way we can.

So, Imogen took 36 Easter Eggs to David Hedley, the co-ordinator of Leeds Street Kitchen, for them to use as he felt best. David used them as part of a campaign to support Children’s Hospital Wards & Nursing Home Appeal as he says below.

a screenshot of david hedleys facebook post thanking Roundhay web design for donating easter eggs

As with St Gemma’s, it is not David who should be thanking Simon, Imogen or any of us here at Roundhay. It is us at Roundhay and the people of Leeds, not to mention the other towns and cities where David has established a presence, who would like to extend a huge thank you to him and every single person who gives their time to help in any way they can.

Leeds General Infirmary Ward 50 – Children’s Ward

Few things tug at the heartstrings and make you count your blessings more than when hearing about children who are suffering from serious medical problems. As a parent myself I cannot imagine the hardship and strife the families and the children go through.

So, we were delighted to  raise a few smiles by taking a selection of Easter Eggs. The staff on Ward 50 care for children with liver disease and who need dialysis. They were thrilled with our donation and will be sharing them amongst the patients.

3 nurses from ward 50 at leeds general infirmary pose with easter eggs donated by Roundhay web design for young patients

Nurses are quite rightly known as angels, and the staff we met were no exception.

Candlelighters Children’s Charity

Candlelighters are a children’s charity based near Leeds General Infirmary. They support children and families who have to face the devastation caused by childhood cancer. Like St Gemma’s the charity receive zero funding from Government or local authorities. This is despite the vital, and crucial work they do with those in desperate need.

leaflet explaining the work of candlelighters childrens charity

Considering the importance of their work in helping families who are going through a Hell that most of us are blessed in never having to contemplate, it is a privilege to have the opportunity to, even in a small way, offer our help and our support.

volunteer at candlelighters childrens charity poses with a selection of easter eggs donated by Roundhay web design

We delivered over 40 Easter Eggs to Candlelighters which they will use both in fundraising and as gifts to the children they support. Once again, we are delighted to be able to help in any way.

a table of boxed easter eggs with portrait of a young boy in background

Donate Yourself

Each of the four groups we have tried to bring a little Easter joy to all need your help and support to continue in their roles supporting the less fortunate here in our wonderful city of Leeds.  Therefore, please take the time to have a look at the links below to see how you can help:

St Gemma’s Hospice
Leeds Street Kitchen
Ward 50 – Leeds General Infirmary
Candlelighters Children’s Charity

Happy Easter Everyone

We hope our donations spread a little joy this Easter. I also hope Simon treats me to at least a dozen Easter Eggs. Otherwise Bank Holiday Monday will be chocolate free for me!

Happy Easter Leeds! Let’s come together as a community and a city for the benefit of those less fortunate than ourselves.