Happy Easter From Roundhay Web Design To Good Causes In Leeds

At Roundhay Web Design, we like to give back to those less fortunate and in need throughout the city of Leeds. We’re hugely proud to have supported various good causes in the past and with Easter on the horizon, we were thrilled to do so again.

Owner and founder of Roundhay, Simon MacBeth, with many suggestions from the team, bought over 100 Easter Eggs and then set out to four local charities playing Easter Bunny.

St Gemma’s Hospice

One of Leeds’ two hospices, St Gemma’s in Moortown provide palliative and end of life care to terminally ill patients from across the city. Offering incredible support to both patients and their families in such testing circumstances, the hospice relies on fundraising to support their vital work.

As a member of the Roundhay team has a family member nursing at St Gemma’s, they are close to our hearts and we were delighted to call in with a donation of Easter Eggs for them.

Becky, who is the senior manager of fundraising for the hospice, emailed us to say:

Lovely to meet you briefly when you brought in the Easter Eggs! Thank you so much for donating them to us, they have been used by our Young Peoples Service who provide bereavement support to children across Leeds who’s family member has died from a terminal illness. They were delighted with the eggs, thank you!


We’d urge our readers to get involved in their work by visiting www.st-gemma.co.uk/

Bag with boxes of Easter Eggs inside

Leeds Street Kitchen

The Leeds Street Kitchen, headed by former soldier David Hedley, are a team of volunteers who provide hot food to homeless people on the streets of Leeds.

As the issue of homelessness becomes an epidemic in modern society, the work of David and his team is more important than ever. Hundreds of people every week receive meals courtesy of the Leeds Street Kitchen and our donation of a few dozen Easter Eggs will hopefully provide those unfortunate enough to find themselves without a roof over their head a small measure of comfort.

You can contact the Leeds Street Kitchen and help their valuable work at www.facebook.com/Homeless-Leeds-Support

Bag with Cadbury Creme Egg Easter Eggs and Kit Kat Crunchy Easter Eggs inside


The Candlelighters charity are based at Leeds General Infirmary and support children who are suffering from cancer. As parents, few things are more terrifying than imagining your child receiving such a devastating diagnosis.

Candlelighters work sees them work both with the children themselves, and working with their families.
We donated several dozen Easter Eggs that Amy at Candlelighters explained would be given both to children and their siblings to raise a smile. She was hugely grateful, and it’s an honour to have made, even such a small difference.

You can learn more about Candlelighters and the work they do at www.candlelighters.org.uk

Salvation Army

Leeds Salvation Army are based just outside the City Centre and provide services and support to those in need across the city.

When we handed over our donation to Joy she explained the Eggs would be given out to children from Zimbabwe who otherwise were unlikely to receive any Easter Eggs. We hope the children thoroughly enjoy the gift!

You can learn more about the work of the Salvation Army in Leeds at www.salvationarmy.org.uk/leeds-central

Four bags all containing Easter Eggs