Easter Eggs Donation: Leeds Hospitals & Nursing Homes 2017

selection of easter eggs arranged with yellow chickens on a table

Our team took ourselves on a little trip to the supermarkets after a long boring Monday in the office to gather a loot of chocolatey goodness in the form of eggs. We bought 50 Easter Eggs in total – Asda must have really hated us! You can see how many below!

Our Easter Eggs Donation

Claire from the graphics design team did try to sneak a few home with her, but to her dismay we caught site of the Cadburys logo sticking out of her handbag!

They instead left with Brian from the accounts department, who could be trusted to stick to his diet, but not get a high quality picture.

50 easter eggs stacked up on the floor which we donated

Who We Donated To

The delicious Easter eggs pictured above were delivered to the lovely folk below.

Homeless Leeds Support Group, Street Kitchens UK

We donated the goodies to David Hedley, who runs the Leeds Street kitchen through his Homeless Support Group. They have a generous following on their social media, who offer support, donations and advice.

The team welcome new volunteers to come and join them. The more people they have on outreach means they feed more people. If you don’t have a lot of time to spare but want to help, all food donations are appreciated and can be dropped off.

The kitchens aren’t ran just in Leeds, you can also find them operating in these locations: Bradford, Wakefield, Doncaster, Rotherham and York. They aim to carry on expanding their kitchens throughout the UK and helping the less fortunate in society. They don’t operate a post code lottery like most groups and are simply people wanting to help more people .

David and his small team distributed the chocolate eggs to children’s wards of Leeds hospitals and local nursing homes. In total 50 eggs were donated and brought a smile to 50 faces.