Hilarious Animals Who Think They Are Comedians!

I have fond memories of watching the likes of You’ve Been Framed on a Saturday night, especially the hilarious animals and kid specials. Like children, animals seem to be natural comedians with little or no effort required to make us laugh. Not just that, you just know that there is no way of the video being `fake` unlike the countless other seemingly set up videos sent in by humans – they really piss me off and you can just tell they’ve been set up to make a quick £250! On that note – does anybody else think it’s a little bit tight of YBF to keep the home movie reward at £250, for like.. ever? Have they not heard of inflation?

Anyway, in case you hadn’t realised – I absolutely love animals – not just the usual pets like cats and dogs but all animals, they all have their own little personality and cute traits. Which brings me onto the subject of this blog post – it’s all about hilarious animals – enjoy, #15 is absolutely fantastic!

1. Poor Dog…

lucy and her dog whose name is apparently trip hazard

Ever heard of the game show Catchphrase? Well, whoever named this dog has took “Say what you see” to a whole other level. Imagine calling out for your dog after naming it Trip Hazard, oops.

2. It?

racoon in a sewer being fed crisps comedian animals

Maybe this little raccoon is living in the drains with IT?

3. Those Pesky Ventsa dog that has somehow got a vent attached to its collar animal comedians

Poor doggy was just being nosey, ended up getting a vent stuck to his collar!

4. Psycho Dog!

funny dogs are comedian animals

This dog is either very excited to see his friend or mad at him for eating all the dog treats – I guess we’ll never know.

5. Hilarious Animals Strike Again!
2 kittens one has its head in the dogs mouth and the other looks terrified

So the cat with its head firmly stuck in the dogs mouth just looks a bit pissed off. The ginger and white kitten however looks scared for its life!

6. Dogs & Flowers

dog smelling a flower and looks disgusted

This dog looks like its thinking “What the f**k is this? Do I eat it? It smells funny!”

7. The Ultimate Cat In A Hat
cat wearing a hat

What a happy mexican! Heyyy gringo! I get the impression that this hilarious animal is not amused.

8. Compare The Meerkat Auditions?
a cat on its hind legs pretending to be a meerkat

Looks like another of those hilarious animals with confused pet identity. This cat is convinced he’s a meerkat and has gone as far as auditioning for a part in the adverts – turn it in Harry, we all know your secret.

9. If Looks Could Kill
cat hiding behind the corner giving a death stare

Then you’d be dead!

10. Let Me Take A Selfie!cat trying to take a selfie

Is it just me or does this cat and his owner look scarily alike?!

11. I Wouldn’t Sit There If I Was You…

cat laid on top of a snake tank

Another image of hilarious animals, this time it’s the snake that gets me. He’s sat there very patiently waiting and hoping for the cat to fall into his tank; must be almost dinner time!

12. The Look Of Pure Joy
funny dogs

This dog looks happy as a pig in shit, I can relate. The beach is my happy place too. When I go that is, which is rare as I’m always geeking it up writing posts for Roundhay Web Design.

13. This Is Awesome
comedian animals

At first it looks like the cats having fun – she soon starts to panic though as it becomes apparent she’s stuck in the paper – noooo! I’m hoping the owner didn’t want to read that paper either.

14. Bloody Raccoons…

racoon on a windscreen comedian animals

So it seems you can’t stop at a set of traffic lights any more without being pestered by a raccoon wanting to wash your car!

15. Amazing!

hilarious cat

I wasn’t lying when I said #15 was fantastic. Look at the cats face, look how it’s sat; everything about this photo is awesome. A prime example of why hilarious animals are my favourite!

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