Hotel Fails – A Collection Of The Funniest, Craziest And Most Ridiculous!

Hotels – we will have all stayed on one. Whether it was for relaxation reasons, going away on holiday with friends or family, a business trip with work (another of those boring web design seminars that we have to attend every so often, keeps us up to date with the world of internet and all things techy apparently…) or even a naughty weekend away with the partner (or not?). No judging here… Anyway, in my time of staying at hotels I have actually come across quite a few of these hotel fails; the most memorable being opening the curtains in a hotel room in Amsterdam to be met by a brick wall approximately one metre away! How’s that for a view eh? Seriously though, to hotel managers all over the world; YOU HAD ONE JOB!!

1. Customer Suggestion Box

shredder marked customer suggestion box hotel fails

I imagine this is the basis of pretty much all customer suggestion boxes, straight to the shredder! (Just like our awkward web design clients suggestions might…)

2. So. Many. eating no alcohol signs hotel fails

So what can you do for fun? Can’t eat, drink or cuddle? What is this hotel?!

3. Really?!only put in the toilet what you have eaten hotel fails

What about toilet paper though? Clearly haven’t thought this one through.

4. Hotel Fails With This Tap…

misplaced tap on edge of bath

This brings a whole new meaning to the spa bath. More like Niagara falls with that water splashing everywhere, lets just hope the water is a decent temperature.

5. Oh Crap.
warning there is a bear in the area

Seems pretty normal for this hotel in Canada, just put a little sign up that should do the trick.

6. Braille Failbraille hotel fails as it is under glass

Does this hotel not understand how Braille works? Which genius thought “I know what would make this important sign look even better – a layer of glass! It doesn’t matter if blind people stay or not…” #HotelFails

7. Hotel Got Me Trippin`crazy carpet hotel fails

Who needs LSD when the hotel has a carpet like this.

8. Turn The Heating Up…frozen solid door

Well they did say it was going to be an awfully cold winter. Someone stick the heating on god damn it!

9. Nice Paintings..
two paintings on the wall exactly the same

The hotel manager obviously just pressed copy & paste, such an easy computer trick with brilliant effect.

10. Only In America.please do not clean fish in rooms hotel fails

Apparently there was an epidemic in quite a lot of hotels in America. People were cleaning their freshly caught fish in the bath leaving a horrendous smell floating around the place, boak.

11. The Worlds Smallest Lift.tiny elevator

This gives me anxiety just looking at it. There is absolutely no way on earth you would catch me getting in that lift, which sick and twisted person designs a space this small?!

12. Come On In, The Water Is Lovely!swimming pool filled with gravel epic fail

The hotel brochure did say they had a good sized pool, however they failed to mention that it had been recently filled with gravel, how convenient.

13. Hotline Blinggrim gross phone covered in dirt

I know when this hot line rings, it can only mean one thing… And judging by the amount of grime covering that phone, I don’t think that `thing` will be very pleasant.

14. This Hotel Cinema Fails Epically
tiny hotel cinema screen fail

“Our hotel boasts its own cinema screen, with a whole host of comfortable movie theatre chairs and a 4K high definition screen” You would be so disappointed with this! The hotel fails to mention that the screen is that small you’d struggle to see it if you were sat at the back.

15. No Shit Sherlocka cup clearly marked with the word cup

I’m so glad this has been labelled as I had no idea what it was!

16. “Hotel Room Has A Great Sized Desk” (The Hotel Lies…)tiny hotel desk

Great desk (if you’re a child, or a dwarf).

17. Great Privacy, Huh?see through wall in the hotel bathroom hotel fails

Imagine booking this room on a business trip with your same sex co worker, awkward.

18. Sick F**ks…happiness is having a long hot bath but there is only a shower

Why would you do this? Sadistic twats. Now all I’d want is a long hot bath, ain’t going to be finding any happiness in that awful shower am I.

19. Boobs!lights on the ceiling that look like boobs

The child in me thinks this is hilarious.

20. Chinese Hotel Fails Miserably.warm notice chinese hotel fail

At least we get a rough idea of the type of clientèle that stays in this hotel, eh!?


I hope you have enjoyed passing some time reading my pointless but funny waste of time article. Just think – if you hadn’t read it then you would never know what completely epic hotel fails are happening all over the world right now! Why not check out my blog on hilarious Tinder Nightmares – it won’t disappoint!