Hotel Fails Part 2 – The Funniest, Craziest And Most Ridiculous

Here at Roundhay Web Design we loved our first blog all about hotel fails we just had to do a part 2 – some of these are unreal, especially #11! I can guarantee that at least one person reading this will have come across a completely ridiculous, stupidly crazy hotel fail at some point on their journeys around the world; I know I have. A couple of years ago, myself and a few colleagues went on a business trip to London, the hotel we stayed in was supposed to be half decent but as soon as we arrived it became apparent that it was anything but.

room from a hotel room looking onto a car park

First of all it was described as having great views from all rooms; the view from our room was half a car park and a bin area! Secondly, we were told we would have a home cooked breakfast each morning – again, wrong – we were offered stale toast and a variety of cereals. Finally, we were told that there would be free WIFI available. This is obviously a total must for a bunch of computer geeks going on a business trip centred around web design, so obviously we needed an internet connection to get online. Well, I have never known WIFI as shockingly shit as that. Safe to say we left bad reviews online when returning home!

1. No Smoking Please.

no smoking sign in ash tray hotel fails

“We request that all guests adhere to the strict no smoking rule we have in our hotel, please note: the ash trays are for display purposes only.”

2. Irony… hotel sign where the word hot has actually been on fire

Pretty odd that it is just the word hot that caught fire in this sign…

3. Confusing Elevator
confusing lift buttons hotel fail

That’s just the thing you need when you rock up to your hotel in the early hours of the morning pissed as a fart. This hotel fails to cater for its drunken guests.

4. Hotel Fails With This Name.a hotel called phuc dat hotel

I bet this hotel gets a lot of it’s business purely because of the name.

5. The Views Are Amazing.a window that looks out onto the hotel corridor from the room

Can you imagine going in to your hotel room to find an actual window looking out onto the hotels corridor? No, me neither.

6. Stairway To..?a staircase that leads to nowhere epic hotel fails

And the award for the most pointless set of stairs goes to…

7. The Importance Of Ventilation. a vent stuck onto a wall

Part of the hotels safety measures were to install an air vent into all bathrooms. Not sure they quite realised how those things work. #HotelFail

8. WIFI hotel wifi password is supercalifrajilisticexpialidocious

You can guarantee they used this as the password so that less people would use their WIFI, sneaky!

9. Housekeeping!housekeeping have used a supermarket trolley as their cleaning trolley hotel fail

It was the end of the financial year and the budget for housekeeping had reached an all time low.

10. Nice…the pool is closed til further notice sorry for the incontinence sign hotel fail

So glad they kept the pool closed!

11. Nice Try…a hotel has painted an image of a lamp onto the poor excuse of a light

I like their creativity here, so I’ll let this hotel fail slide.

12. The Worlds Most Pointless Curtains.a man opening the curtains in his hotel room to be met with a brick wall not a window

Imagine opening your hotel curtains to be met with a wall. Oh dear, absolute hotel fail here!

13. You Can’t Unsee This…toilet roll holder has broken so they have used a toothbrush to hold toilet roll in place hotel fails

So the toilet roll holder broke and some bright spark thought “Ooh I know, I will improvise and use a toothbrush!” I just hope no one uses that toothbrush now. This is certainly one of my favourite hotel fails as it is so subtle.

14. Say What?!car park read the ticket as the year 1999 so charged 86000 dollars woops

The car park machine thought that this person had been parked up since 1997 and charged accordingly.

15. Ahoy There Me Heartys!this water be good to drink sign, sounds like a pirate wrote it

Hotel for Pirates – that place sounds awesome. New business venture right there…

16. What A Rip Off.

Go ahead, enjoy it! It’ll only cost you FOUR DOLLARS per bottle! I’ll stick to the tap, thanks.

17. *Groans*

a cupboard that when opens has a brick wall behind it

Another pointless piece of furniture.

18. Pure Laziness.sachets of salt and pepper inside salt and pepper shakers fail

Why even bother with the salt and pepper shakers in the first place?

19. Safety Is A Priority Here!a shower with a plug socket inside it

I can’t believe someone thought it would be a good idea to install an electric socket inside a shower ffs.

20. So. Many. Taps.a sink with five different taps

You need a degree to work this sink out. This hotel fails massively with this one, why so many taps?

21. Tasty!a soap dispenser with soup written on it, tasty

I bet some poor soul has tried that too.

22. At Least They’re Honest…thailand hotel rules hotel fail

I absolutely love this list of rules at a hotel in Thailand. At least they’re honest and know what people get up to there.

23. Call The Plumber…a broken toilet but when cistern checked it was full of dildos hotel fails on this one

They thought their toilet was broken until they opened the cistern and took a look. Gloves were definitely required to fix this.

24. Great Mirror Placement.a full length mirror in front of the toilet

Just the thing you need when sat on the toilet, a full length mirror right in front of you! Massive hotel fail here.

25. Housekeeping Isn’t Up To keeping cant put toilet roll on properly

How hard is it to put the toilet roll on the holder correctly?

26. What A Showcase Piece.toilet roll centre piece

Love this.

27. Too Phallic Looking For A Kids Pool…

a phallic looking water feature in kids pool hotel fail

Looks frighteningly similar to a penis, woops. I wonder who designed this monstrosity.

28. The Worlds Most Pointless Seating unusable seating area

Maybe it’s just to show what the seating area in your hotel looks like – who knows?!

29. Who Designed This?a toilet with toilet roll holder so far away you cant even reach it

A gadget man type extra long arm would be great in this situation. Robot arm, ACTIVATE!

Did You Enjoy This?

I hope you did enjoy reading part 2 of our Hotel Fails article, it’s a real eye opener to how dumb some people can be, especially when it comes to designing hotels!

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