Insanely Creative & Clever Business Cards

We’ve all been handed business cards at some point in our lives, but how many of us have genuinely been impressed enough by them to keep hold of them? I doubt many of us do, but if you had creative & clever business card like any of these, I think you’d struggle to throw it out! Number 10 is genius!

1. Yoga Stretch Card

a picture of a yoga business card with two holes that you can put your fingers through to look as though the lady on the card is stretching in yoga, clever and creative business card design

This is super creative and will definitely capture the audience’s attention; who wouldn’t be tempted to put their fingers in the gaps and STRETCHHHH?! Just wish I could be that flexible in real life!

2. Frame Maker

a business card designed like a photo frame with no inside section creative & clever business card

What a brilliant design for a for a frame making business, smart and creative!

3. Clever Gardener

a clever and creative business card filled with grass seeds to promote a gardening company

Which genius thought up this awesome marketing strategy? So, you’ve been tasked to produce some very creative and smart business cards for a gardening company – what better of promoting their company than making `green` business cards – all complete with their own seeds inside!

4. Financial Adviser

financial adviser business card with half cut off to look like a diagonal maths graph

I like this one for its simplicity but also how well it fits in with this person’s business using a clever graph format. However, I do think it would have worked much better had the graph been the opposite way around; this way makes it look as though your investment will end up going down-hill, woops!

5. Yoga Mat

a mini blue yoga mat rolled up on the left and rolled out on the right to see the creative & clever business card details

These Yoga instructors sure do have a good eye for clever marketing, don’t you think? This unique business card is made to look like a rolled up yoga mat – unfold it and you’ll find the instructors contact details!

6. Photography Business

a clear business card designed to look like a view finder from a camera with a focus square in the middle

If I ever end up with a photography business, this is the card I would want to promote it. Not only is it incredibly thought out; it also gives the customer a good gimmick to play with and show to their friends. This smart but simple idea will be sure to give lots of exposure to this clever company.

7. Plumber Business `Cards`

miniature plungers with business details printed on the blue plunge part and the business name printed on the handle

Now, while these are a cool and unique way of advertising your company, I’m not quite sure how they compare price wise to a standard business card. That being said, I’m sure it works to promote the business well – I have certainly never seen anything like this before! Kinda want one, my own miniature plunger…

8. Shipping Company

a brown cardboard type business card designed to fold into a small box that advertises their courier business

So, this person has thought well outside the box for this clever business card (no pun intended…) Not only is it a great looking design – you can also have a go at a bit of easy origami and make your own miniature packing box! I love a good gimmick.

9. Bike Multi Tool

a metal business card with clever tools on it related to bike card such as a bolt tightener and a ruler

What a genius way to advertise your bike repair shop! I wonder what it is made out of, must be some kind of strong metal – you can even use it to tighten loose nuts and bolts!

10. I Saved the Best Until Last…

a business card for divorces with a perforated line in the middle of it so it can be easily torn in half with both details still on either side of the card a business card for divorces with a perforated line in the middle of it so it can be easily torn in half with both details still on either side of the card


So, you’re looking for a divorce lawyer and get handed a business card like this. It’s almost making light of a bad situation, I would find it hard to keep a straight face whilst tearing this down the middle ready to give to my soon to be ex-husband. This clever lawyer has also managed to keep costs down by creating 2 in 1 business cards like these AND helped the environment; less business cards needed equals less trees chopped down to create them!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog, be sure to check back regularly for new interesting and fun posts! In the meantime, why not check out this cool blog about amazing street art designs? You won’t regret it!