10 Kids That Fantastically Owned Their Teachers

Thinking back to your school days, did you enjoy doing homework? I bet most of you didn’t – well I know I certainly didn’t anyway – it ate into time that could be spent doing other things that are much more fun such as playing football, getting stuck into a good old video game or sat in front of the telly watching endless cartoons; or if you’re a computer geek like me, spending so much time reading up on all things online! So I suppose it’s only right that I ended up working here at Roundhay web design with a bunch of computer geeks just like me! These kids probably just got sick of doing work and decided to stick it to the man – whilst doing that they fantastically owned their teachers, #10 is awesome.


1. Well, She’s Not Wrong…

a maths paper from primary school asking the difference between 8 and 6 the girl fantastically owned her teacher by saying the 8 is all curly and the 6 is not

I like how this kid thinks, outside the box…

2. This Kid Is Definitely Going Places… In Biology!

child asked to write about when he was born so he says 2004 and draws a picture of a woman giving birth

He has either been watching too many birth documentaries, he is just very clued up on the biology side of Science or he remembers being born, either way – great drawing.

3. Oh Haiku

haiku poem where the child fantastically owns the teacher

I used to hate it at school when we had to write haiku’s, they are so pointless so I’m glad to see someone fantastically owned their teacher through the power of Haiku!

4. The Dad Gas

asked to complete a table about gases in science homework so he draws a picture of his dad farting and arrows it gas

Of all the gases he could have written about he chose the dad gas – the foulest gas of them all. Gunna need a gas mask when he’s around!

5. Is This Donald Trump Junior?

homework asking what part of the wiorld your from

I imagine this is how all Trump children completed their homework, in true patriotic style. Make Murica Great Again…

6. No Shit Sherlock

a pupil is asked how he solved the problem and he said how i solved the problem is i thought about it

Sarcasm must be taught from an early age in this child’s family, I must admit though I think this answer is genius. I used to absolutely hate writing how I worked things out because most of the time the questions were that simple I just did them in my head anyway, durrr.

7. Kids And Their Ability To Be As Blunt And Honest As Possible!

a child asked where they will be in 100 years time and they answer i will be dead and drew pictures of gravestones and fantastically owned their teacher

Well how else are you supposed to answer this question? Most people don’t live to see 80 or 90 never mind 100. At least this kid has some knowledge of the human lifespan. By the looks of his writing and drawing  I wouldn’t put him older than 6 years old. Bravo for being so brutally honest!

8. Someone Give That Kid The Extra Credit

question being asked is what is the strongest force on earth and the child answers love

What a sweet answer. If only more of us thought the same way this kid does. All you need is love! (And a bottle of wine)

9. Power To The People – This Kid Fantastically Owned His Teacher!

child asked to describe yourself in 3 words, child answers i am a rebel

You sure are! Especially since the word three is underlined… He definitely wanted to own his teacher.

10. This Is By Far My Favourite

asked a math question and answered it with humanity. if there are 14 legs altogether how many people are there? child answers well technically 7 but some people dont have two legs so it depends

I love how he answers the question correctly and then goes on to explain his point. What a smart and caring child – who is certainly correct in saying that not everyone has two legs. Maybe he has experience of this within his family hence the link to the wounded warrior project. Either way, someone give this little lad a medal, his humanity levels are higher than most adults I know.

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