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Select a custom low cost logo design package to suit your needs. Then complete the simple questionnaire on our secure order form. We need to know your field of business and any ideas you may have about how you want your logo to look. Please take your time with this step. Your careful answers will form an excellent brief for our designers.

Complete Brief

We start work on your low cost logo design project using the information provied on the completed order form. Your design team will include 1 to 3 designers, who collaborate to design your custom logo. In just 24 hours (week days only), we present you with your logo design concepts created using stock images, icons and fonts.

Review Designs

Now it’s over to you. We wait while you review the designs and tell our design team what changes you would like. We start work on your revisions as soon as you send us your feedback. You will receive your revised logo designs within 24 hours (week days only). Depending on your package, you can request unlimited redesigns to your chosen logo FREE of charge.

Final Logo

When you are satisfied with all the changes, we finalise your low cost logo design. Then we prepare your complete logo kit for you, including all media formats for Web and Print. We send your kit as an email attachment.

We love to design and create logos…

Welcome to our low cost logo design centre. We are one of the UK’s leading graphic design agencies specialising in cheap logo design and company branding. We have built a reputation as a leading edge design agency, employing state of the art technology. Our own website shows a small selection of our work.

Our cheap Logo Design service starts at only £400, with your new logo mock-ups sent to you for approval within 1 business day. After this we will happily make changes to one of the designs concepts. Our aim is to help unsure you’re 100% satisfied.

Why is a Good Logo so Important?

Logos are very important to your company’s appearance and growth. If you are a new business and you are trying to come up with a design for a logo it has to be a good representation of your company and the services/products, you offer. A logo has to say something about your company; it has to give you an identity. When you’re at the drawing board you have to think of something that can represent your company and if you can’t think of anything specific then you need to come up with something completely unique and memorable.

Our low cost logo design service can help


Is your logo relevant to your business? Having a logo that has nothing to do with your company’s services/products will confuse a lot of people and most likely turn away a lot of business. If you owned a zoo would you have a sports car as your logo? No, you wouldn’t because it isn’t at all relevant. With our cheap logo design service, you’ll always get a relevant logo.


When it comes to designing a logo for your company you need to think that it will be the front of your company. What I mean by this is that you will have it on everything from work presentations, business cards and signs. If you were going to a meeting to represent your company would you dress in a tracksuit and trainers? No, you’d look presentable and smart. We think of your logo design as your representative for your company; making it look professional, stylish and smart.


Choosing the right colour is crucial!


Is your logo memorable? Will it one day be up there with the likes of Google, YouTube, Facebook, McDonalds and Apple? Their logos have become well known all around the world because of how much the companies have grown and become more popular but do you think this would have happened if they had a weak logo?


Once we have created the logo and you’re happy with the finished design, this will be your company logo from now on. It will be your company’s identity. You could change it if you thought it was getting old and outdated but it would be difficult for people to notice you if you had the logo for a while. It’s like if you were to change the name of your company, people would get confused and wouldn’t know who you are. Your logo should be symbolic. What we mean by this is that it should stand out from the crowd and people should recognise what company it belongs to. We can add text to your low cost logo designs if you think the image isn’t strong enough to hold its own but we don’t just stick it anywhere, we make it blend in with your image design by choosing the right font, size and colour. We think about some famous logo’s such as YouTube and Coca Cola; their logos are their names and have become very noticeable all around the world.

So, are logo’s important? YES, OF COURSE! Hire the right team and get a logo that will work as hard for your company as you will.

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Also being a Yorkshire boy myself, I want to support a local business.

December 9, 2018, Ben Ray


Your website is brilliant! The colour scheme is smashing, the information is helpful and your team is spot in with their help.

November 12, 2018, Shane Allison


I’ve recently started a website, the information you offer has helped me greatly. Thank you for all of your time & work.

October 28, 2018, Ken Betten