7 Logo Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

Your logo should be recognisable and consistent across your brand. As with all aspects of web design, logos are always evolving. Designers are creating new trends each year.

Here’s Are The Logo Trends To Look Out For In 2018

1) Experimental Techniques In Typography

Playing around with typography is nothing new. However, this year, shapes will play a bigger part in the logo typography. It’s become bolder and more creative than ever.
On opposite ends of the scale, both geometric and handwritten fonts are going to be huge this year!

2) Form Simplification And Responsiveness

Logos now need to appear on more platforms than ever and still look good. With SEO emphasis on responsive web design this year, designers are stripping back their logos. This ensures a sleek look across a varied size of devices.

3) Architectural Inspiration

This is a trend that’s done the rounds before. Think MacDonald’s’ golden arches. This year we’ll see a resurgence in architectural inspiration.
Logos will take inspiration from local landmarks. Famous examples would be ‘Big Ben’, Tower Bridge and the London eye which we can see on the logo for the London half marathon.

4) Having Fun

With the internet catering to the varied types of business and websites that it does in 2018, the formality of logos has been diminished. Designers are coming up with fun and quirky ideas which catch attention.

This has been achieved through colour, whimsical design and cartoon-like images.

5) Layering And Colour

Layering has been taken a step further than in previous years. We’re seeing more layers which adds depth and texture to a logo. Colour, as with the trend above has become playful.

Designers aren’t limiting themselves to block colours or and number if colour. Colour is being used to create water-colour logos. Water colour logos on websites are lovely as long as the context they are used in is correct. The website and the business/organisation the website is representing must work with the watercolours and more delicate design that entails, it obviously won’t be suitable for a buiding merchants or even for a taxi rank – think dance companies and ecommerce stores.

6) Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes is a trend that we’ll see repeated through many aspects of web design this year. The eye-catching simplicity is easily replicated and looks sleek across many platforms.

Coupled with layering, geometric shapes have given designers and unlimited catalogue of creative logos.

7) Simple Typography And Monograms

Another trend that has previously done the rounds. If it’s not broken why fix it? Simple typography offers a classy professional element to a logo.

Whereas Monograms have been seen in many forms throughout history and are often associated with wealth and success. This is a trend many are now trying to replicate with their logos.

Trends don’t stay trends forever. Logos will keep evolving as long as designers are taking risks and playing with their creativity. Find a style that suits your site and has staying power.

Let us know in the comments section below what trends you think should be added to our list!

infographic depicting logo trends for 2018 in shades of beign yellow and a muted red in blocks to distinguish the seven different points