Perfectly Timed Hilarious Photos Top 10

Hey guys! Have you ever taken a photo of something and then seen that you have taken a perfectly timed hilarious photo? I have…

I remember taking a photo of my daughter jumping in muddy puddles when she was younger (cheers for putting the idea in her head, Peppa Pig). Anyway, I was clicking away on my camera capturing the moment as you do and then suddenly she jumped into the puddle and her legs almost disappeared the water was so deep. If that wasn’t a perfectly timed hilarious photo then I don’t know what is! That photo is definitely one for the 18th birthday cake. Take a look at my blog post of the top 10 perfectly timed hilarious photo’s if you’re wanting a light-hearted giggle.

1. She Really Is Enjoying the Moment

a lady sat on the shoulders of somebody at a concert, a cup of water is seen hurtling towards her but she is still smiling and unaware of this

She doesn’t even appear to have noticed the cup of water hurtling towards her – I’d love to see her face a couple of seconds later – woops!

2. That’s Going to Hurt In The Morning

man doing a stunt on a motorbike but as the perfectly timed hilarious photo shows, he comes falling down towards the floor

Ouch! Cool trick and all that but he could have thought this one through a bit better. I’d be very surprised if he didn’t break any bones.

3. Quad Bike Fail

two children are playing on a quad bike but then the back end of it tips making one child fall off as a worried old lady looks on

Just look at the fear and worry in the grandma’s face! That’ll be the last time she offers to babysit for those troublesome children – I don’t think the poor old dear would cope with any more shenanigans.

4. Stop – Hammer Time

a man is throwing a hammer to another man but has failed miserably and it looks as though it is going to hit him in the face

This is painful even just to look at. Anybody else screaming `DUCK!!` at their laptop?! There’s a lesson to be learnt here guys – don’t ever throw a hammer to your friend, there’s no guarantee it won’t end up smashing their face up as this perfectly timed hilarious photo shows.

5. Super Happy Dog

a very happy dog just about to catch a dog treat flying into its mouth

Awww! Just look at the happiness in this dog’s face when he realised that the biscuit that’s coming towards him is going to end up straight in his mouth – yum! What a super cute and happy perfectly timed hilarious photo.

6. Pre-Break Up Photo

a man throwing a bucket of water over a sunbathing lady perfectly timed hilarious photo

Seconds later, she punched him square in the face and broke up with him. That, my friends, is why you should never throw water over a relaxed sun bathing lady – the anger is real.

7.Not So Sweet 16…

a lady dropping a sweet sixteen birthday cake

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear… ARGH CRAP!! Well, happy birthday, minus the cake, butterfingers here dropped it!

8. Super Dad

a dad playing with his daughter pushing her in a childs car over a stunt jump that ends up going really high and fast so they both look shocked

This is what happens when Dad is left alone with the kids. He thinks of super cool, super fun and super dangerous things to do. I bet Mum wasn’t best pleased when she saw this photo – although the girl does look like she’s having the time of her life here!

9. Ouch!

a man being slapped very hard in his stomach causing it all to ripple

I doubt he will be smiling for much longer after a slap so hard it sent his stomach rippling away like that. That’s going to sting…

10. Handles Are There For A Reason

a man riding a motorbike has taken his hands off the handle bars and then goes crashing into a tree perfectly timed hilarious photo

Now this is a prime example of why you must always hold onto the handle bars whilst riding your motorcycle. Take them off for a split second to show off and this is how you’ll end up. On the plus side though, it did make a perfectly timed hilarious photo.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog post, if you liked this then be sure to check back regularly for more funny and interesting posts, bye for now!