What Exciting Developments Does Leeds Have In Store For Us?

Leeds – One Of The Fastest Growing Cities In The UK… What Do The Next Few Years Have In Store For Us? It’s Exciting That’s For Sure!

victoria gate new development shopping centre Leeds

New shops, bars and restaurants are forever opening and closing in Leeds; it’s becoming a little bit tedious to keep up with if I’m honest! Nobody is going to remember when the new burger joint opened, but they will certainly recall the big improvements and changes that will be taking place! Who would like to get from Leeds to Manchester in just 7 minutes? Interested? Read on to find out more…

There Are Plans for A Taller Building Than Bridgewater Place to Be Built…

bridgewater place tallest building in leeds

Bridgewater Place, built in 2006, was welcomed with open arms by members of the public and critics too. Aside from the problems in recent years that the area has had during high winds, (which have now been addressed, thankfully) Bridgewater Place itself has been a great success. The office and residential skyscraper looks fantastic, often nicknamed the Dalek due to its appearance. Currently, Bridgewater Place is not only the tallest building in Leeds, it is the tallest building across the whole of Yorkshire and has held this record since 2005! However, that record could soon be stripped. CEG have filed plans for a 3.52-hectare development situated on the South Bank of Leeds, including a residential building that could potentially stand at 136.5 metres – 24 metres taller than Bridgewater Place.

The development isn’t just one building – CEG: Southbank is a project of gigantic scale. Once the project is complete there will be up to 70,000 sq. m office space and up to 750 new homes – wow!

The UK’s First Centre for High Speed Rail Technologies Is Coming To Leeds.

high speed railways for leeds super fast train

The University of Leeds has recently announced its plans to invest £10 million in opening a completely dedicated centre for high speed rail technologies and system integration. This is the first of its kind in the UK and it is coming to Leeds!

From sensor technology to energy harvesting to digital systems – so much will be covered at the dedicated new centre. This exciting new project brought to us by The Institute for High Speed Rail and System Integration will truly establish Leeds as a centre for excellence on a global scale. The high-speed rail industry is one that is ever increasing in importance – so much so that the UK is currently investing £12 BILLION a year into rail infrastructure! By the year 2022 – high speed rail investment is set to reach a whopping £380 billion – wow!

Leeds Is Set to Have Its Own Version Of New York’s High-line Walkway – 25 Feet Above Ground!

plans for the doncaster monkbridge in leeds centre to be turned into a high walkway on the viaduct

The old Viaduct on the Doncaster Monk-bridge site is finally all set to get its own walkway 25 foot above ground. This development has been rumoured to be happening for a number of years, so you will be pleased to know that this time it is a dead cert! Not only will it be an absolutely fantastic addition to Leeds City Centre, it will also connect the West End of the City to the South Bank Area – not just aesthetically pleasing then!

Roughly the same size as the whole of Briggate; the 5,500 sq metre garden walkway will take you across the River Aire from Wellington Place and lead you directly to the Doncaster Monk-bridge.

£33.4 Million Is to Be Invested In Leeds City College’s New Campus

new building plans for leeds city college new campus

Already hard at work on their brand-new campus plans, Leeds City College have a massive £33.4 million budget for their new 11 storey state of the art campus. There will be a brand new performing arts centre alongside an innovative state of the art film and recording studio. Good news for all you budding actors, actresses and musicians out there! Not only that – there will be a specialist childcare centre and a whole new suite of computing, science and digital technology laboratories. After all, Leeds does have a fantastic reputation for being a digital powerhouse.

I wish all of this was available when I was at school – our kids will certainly be receiving an awesome education!

Fancy Getting From Leeds To Manchester In Just 7 Minutes?!

hyperloop leeds northern arc map showing destinations and time it takes on the train

A brand new, revolutionary, incredibly fast transport system, Hyper-loop, could well be on its way to Leeds! Hyper-loop, proposed by Northern Arc, would link major cities all across the UK. From Liverpool to Glasgow – stopping at Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle and Edinburgh along the way.

In May 2016; 2600 entered the Hyper-loop One Global Challenge. Only 10 made the finals – with Northern Arc being one of them. Northern Arc is a business led collaboration between Ryder Architecture and Arup. Together they will have a brilliant access to the shared technology available to them and figure out how to raise capital in many creative and unique ways. The transport system is an incredibly long way off yet, we’re talking years, but hey: all good things come to those who wait!