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Bespoke Brochure Web Design

This client approached us with an idea they wasn’t sure was possible. They were sat on the idea of creating a sale finding site for a while but felt hesitant to take the leap and start contacting web designers.

The main concern was finding the right web design team for them, that could understand their desired outcome and suggest ideas to show creativity.

The number one priority for this client, was to have an interactive site that was consistent across all devices, especially mobiles. They had researched competitors who had websites that weren’t multi responsive, and wanted to make sure they stayed clear of making this same mistake.

Their site also needed to be super easy to navigate and be user friendly, to make the whole user experience a positive one.

This client had a few ideas in mind they wanted to stick to, in terms of the layout and overall structure. To share their ideas with us they used competitors sites as a reference. This helped us to develop potential ideas, inspired by similar sites, for them to choose from.

We designed and developed a well laid out, fun to use and responsive sale finding website that not only met their needs, but exceeded them.


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