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The IDT Prime text and image site was created in association with IDT Financial Services Limited, who are a growing credit card provider.

They are an established business already, and have a number of sites. Although, they didn’t want to return to their previous designers as they believed Roundhay had more skill and expertise to offer.

On the behalf of IDT Financial Services Limited, our client required a content based website to act as a informative tool that also directs users to their other main sites, that allows you to register for a prime card as well as sign up as a reseller.

As IDT Prime already have branding in place to represent the design of their cards, we needed to make sure the new site was consistent with their others. We were given strict guidelines to follow and was instructed to use specific colours and fonts, that we wouldn’t usually choose ourselves. Although, we would consider using a similar composition of fonts and structure in the future as it works well.

However, a new logo was to be created. We designed a minimalistic, yet professional logo that met their font and colour usage requests and fit the site well.

However after we created the website and prepared to go live IDT Prime decided they wanted to create their own website layout and sent over mock designs they created. We advised them that to start over again we would need to charge for a new website to cover our time spent doing this, while IDT knew this was fair we agreed that the best action to take would be for us to agree to a site transfer.

We designed and developed a user friendly site that guides viewers through important information and how to navigate their services.

While we didn’t have as much freedom as we usually do with the design elements, we had flexibility with imagery. We sourced relevant images to demonstrate a problem being solved for potential customers.

The outcome was attractive and got the job done perfectly, to assist with guiding users through how to access and use their services.

Instead of carrying out our usual process of making the site live, we instead prepared all of the site files and provided IDT with a download link so they could download their site and make any desired changes.


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