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About Leeds Deeds

The Leeds Deeds website is actually an in-house project that we at Roundhay Web Design are pioneering. Leeds Deeds started out as a kind of light-bulb moment that our Design Manager Simon had one day.

In a city like Leeds, there are always people in need, and Roundhay Web Design have been instrumental in helping. Every Christmas, for example, Simon gets one of the staff to go out and about, playing the role of Santa. Toys, chocolate and gifts are bought out of a generous budget, and these get donated to charities around Leeds.

Charities such as Radio Aire’s Cash for Kids campaign and The Salvation Army have benefited, distributing gifts to disadvantaged kids and families. Whilst this has helped – there are still so many more people in need.

Simon Macbeth recognised that there were probably other people who had something to give, but who didn’t know how or where. There was no platform where the people of Leeds could offer their help. Nor did charities have an easy was of asking for help.

It made sense, therefore, for a successful web design company to build this kind of platform. Building websites and marketing them is what we do best, after all.

Leeds Deeds is all about helping less fortunate people in Leeds. Good deeds don’t have to be huge gestures – taking time to buy a cup of coffee for a homeless people or knitting for the special care baby unit are just as valuable. There are endless possibilities when it comes to this platform, and we’re excited to see it come into fruition.

The Project

Leeds Deeds website is the perfect way for people to offer good deeds or help to others in need. It’s a simple matter of posting what they have to offer so that others can visit and accept the offers. Charities are also able to use the site to put their requests and needs out there. The goal of the project is to make it easy for the people of Leeds to offer and receive help.

In terms of designing and building the website platform, was important that the site is easy to use for all. Simple navigation and responsive design are crucial. Our designers experimented with the best layouts and colour schemes and settled on a design that was clean and crisp.

As there needs to be a way for people to post their offers of help, having an account creation and login function was vital. Additionally, a comprehensive but intuitive form for submitting the offers was just as important. These elements are the backbone of the whole platform.

A search form on the homepage makes it easy for users to look for the help that they’re looking for. We had to bear in mind that the people looking for help may not have had great education, so that was an important consideration in terms of content, too. The homepage displays a visually-appealing list of some of the available offers, making it easier to access these directly.

The project is still in development, but we expect to be fully launching it soon.


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