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Bespoke Web Design

This bespoke web design was created for a returning client. She came to us with an exciting idea for a website.  It is to focus on connecting sellers and service providers with those who love to discover luxurious goods. This idea came of this client investing in expensive items, such as designer shoes. You’d expect such items to offer a pleasant experience, but is that always the case? Not for our client, she couldn’t find a reputable platform to share her thoughts on. So sge decided to create one for those in a similar situation.

The Lust That site uses interactive content to allow businesses and individuals to advertise their luxury products and services. Listings are then to be discovered by potential customers. The customers can then leave their honest reviews via a rating system and let others know whether their experience was worth lusting after.

Our lovely client wanted this site to have a sleek and charming feel, which we feel we achieved, thanks to the seductive colour palette used and subtle branding. It was also important for the site to look appealing to both men and women, within different age ranges and with varied interests. From designer handbags, to cars and books, this site caters to all categories. To represent this we chose a sophisticated design that uses a seductive colour palette that’s easy on the eye to create a welcoming brand.

We enjoyed working on this project and are pleased our client is proud with the complete site. We expect this site to do exceptionally well online.


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