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About the Client

BucketLust is on a mission to deliver completely unique sailing events. They focus on creating these events in locations that people would put on their bucket list. What’s more, these events bring together like-minded people – party lovers, trail blazers and adventurers!

The team at BucketLust have a lot of experience – and a lot of adventurous spirit – in creating spectacular sailing experiences. Their business is built around people – building a global family who see travelling is so much more than just a vacation.

BucketLust see the ocean like an open road of endless possibilities. Yachts are the mode of transport, guided by the wind, and the events are like floating festivals. It’s a constant quest for fun, party and adventure.

The Project

Building a website for BucketLust was so much fun! They contacted us looking for a completely bespoke e-commerce website that has additional advanced features. We were happy to oblige, building a site fulfils all of the client’s requirements.

Every project we put together at Roundhay Web Design begins with an exploration of branding for the client. A high-quality logo and consistent colour schemes across the whole business is important for building brand impact.

Each page that we designed for this project features bold colours and images that aim to increase visitor engagement. Using hero images on the main pages that are relevant to the business image makes each page stand out.

A responsive design is absolutely essential now that Google are focusing on mobile-first. We worked hard to give the best possible user experience on both desktop and mobile devices. UX is something that can’t be ignored, either. We put ourselves in the target audience’s shoes in order to design a site that is easy to use and navigate.

As a business offering a loyalty scheme and payment plans for their sailing events, BucketLust needed more than just your average e-commerce features. The ability to create an account, book, enquire and set up a payment plan were essential features that BucketLust requested, and we delivered.

The end result is a site that has intuitive navigation, fast page loading speed, offers a great UX, and is visually appealing. Images that captivate attention are the standout feature of this project, making for a site that visitors want to explore.

Client Feedback

The team at BucketLust were delighted with the website that we were able to create for them. It ticked all the boxes in terms of their requirements. They particularly loved the way that we used high quality images to enhance the user experience. With such a focus on adventure in their business, the images that we used aimed to excite visitors and increase engagement and conversion.

BucketLust commented on the way that we were able to fulfil all of their needs in building the site. They appreciated the way that we listened to what they were looking for and worked with them to create the perfect website for their needs.


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