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The team here at Roundhay Web Design are deeply proud of the work we do in aid of good causes.

But it’s our most recent project that has really excited us. We’ve designed, built and provided content for a brand new website. All in aid of a Princess who has being missing since early March when she was attempting to flee the control of her father, the Ruler of Dubai, and build a new life in the West.

screenshot of escape from dubai website for the portfolio by Roundhay web design

So, How Did The Project Come About?

Simon was contacted by phone by the former Managing Director of Leeds United, David Haigh. David is now working with an NGO called Detained In Dubai. They support people who have suffered imprisonment and injustice in the United Arab Emirates.

Kim Dotcom

It subsequently transpired that Simon and Roundhay had been recommended to David by no less than Kim Dotcom! Kim is an internet entrapeuner who founded, a file sharing website which at it’s height received 50 million daily visitors. One study estimated it to be the 13th most popular site on the Internet and responsible for 4% of all Internet traffic.

In between fighting battles with US authorities who have issued warrants due to Kim’s supposed copyright infringements he has joined the campaign to raise awareness of the missing Princess and her life prior to her disappearance. Kim mainly uses his Twitter profile for his campaigns.

So, What Was The Project All About?

Safe to say, when Simon got off the phone to David and told us about the project the whole team were straight online to research the story of the missing Princess. Within 15 minutes we’d learned:

1) How Princess Latifa II of Dubai had suffered multiple Human Rights abuses at the hands of her family.

2) That the Princess had directly accused her father, Sheikh Al Maktoum, the billionaire ruler of Dubai, of being ‘evil’ and ‘a killer’.

3) The story of how Latifa had made a fresh attempt to leave Dubai to seek asylum in the USA.

4) How the Princess had made a terrifying distress call from her yacht describing how it was under attack off the coast of India.

5) That despite a complete denial of any knowledge as to the whereabouts of the yacht and its occupants by the authorities in Dubai, the yacht had been tracked in the UAE.

6) The campaign to locate Princess Latifa and ensure her safety.

You can learn all about the story by seeing the videos posted on the Escape From Dubai YouTube channel.

David had contacted Simon to ask if we were able to design and build a new website for the campaign. This website would provide details for those wishing to find out all the information on what had happened to the Princess. In addition it provided a resource to help raise awareness and advise everyone how they could help the campaign.

screen grab of photo from video message by princess latifa with photos of her identification card and passport

Roundhay Web Design Get To Work

One of the most important things about the whole project was how time sensitive the project was. With awareness growing and publicity events scheduled we got straight to work.

As David and his team had pressing engagements they asked us to work on the site as we thought best. This included not only the design and images but much of the content writing too.

After numerous long days and many hours of research we are extremely proud of the website we have created. Escape From Dubai is now live and we’re delighted that awareness is growing of the Princess’ plight. Hundreds of media agencies around the globe have reported on the disappearance of Latifa. These include The New York Times, The Times and even the BBC World Service.

Her case has now been raised at the UN by the Barrister instructed by Detained In Dubai. Pressure is growing on Sheikh Al Maktoum and those close to him to finally answer some of the questions regarding the mystery.

We are proud of the small part we have played in helping a young woman achieve liberty, something we in the UK take for granted.

How Can You Help?

The primary aim of the website is to help spread awareness of the mystery of what happened to Princess Latifa II. See what role you can play.

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