Competition: The Voice Of Roundhay Web Design

roundhay web design voice over competition banner

We’d like to invite anyone and everyone to audition for the opportunity to be the voice of our new  radio advertising campaign. We’ve got exciting plans here at Roundhay Web Design and we want you to be a part of them!

Speaking To The Fine Folk Of Leeds

Over the next few months Roundhay Web Design will be running a radio advert on Leeds’ most popular radio station – 96.3 Radio Aire. The advert is ready to run but is missing one vital ingredient – we need someone to provide the voice of our campaign.

Imagine the opportunity to spend a few hours in a professional recording studio. The pride of hearing your voice live on the airwaves. Not to mention the, not to be sniffed at, £250 prize for the winner.

Whether you are hoping to work in the marketing or media industry or simply fancy winning some spending money in plenty of time for Christmas – we’d love to hear from you!

How To Enter

To enter the competition all you need to do is record yourself saying the following two sentences:

Roundhay Web Design specialise in developing affordable, effective websites. Let’s have a proper website.


Once you have recorded your entry then comment on our Facebook post with the audio or video.

We are ideally look for an every day Yorkshire accent. Read more in the “A Few Tips” section below.

What Happens Next

Our team will consider every entry and select our three finalists. Once those are chosen we will then ask the Great British public to vote for their favourite to determine the winner – and The Voice of Roundhay Web Design.

A Few Tips

Given that we are extremely proud to be resident of Yorkshire (truly God’s Own County) we are expecting that the actor or actress will have a strong local accent. However, we are open to entries from those not fortunate enough to have been blessed with a broad Leeds voice!

The voice used on a radio advert simply must catch a listener’s attention. So, we would suggest a strong, forceful delivery of the script we’ve provided.

Finally, have fun! We’re excited to be offering this opportunity to everyone and even more psyched to hear the entries. We’re certain the fantastic people of Leeds will rise to the challenge.

Good Luck Everyone!!!!!