This Is The Reason Why Your Website’s Not Ranking In Google

“How can I boost the ranking of my site?”
“How to rank instantly on the 1st page of Google?”
“What’s wrong with my website; why there are no leads?”

You  must have asked yourself these questions a dozen times after launching your website. After all, you have spent a lot of time, energy and of course, money, to come up with a brilliant site. Now you’re frustrated since no one can find you on search engines, right? It can be a struggle to get your new website found on Google and to be chosen instead of your competitors.

But where are your SEO efforts going wrong?

photo of an angry woman with steam coming out of her ears

This woman’s clearly frustrated with her websites ranking.

The Lowdown On Your Websites Ranking

In this highly-competitive digital era, almost all startups and even well-established business owners are having trouble figuring out why their sites aren’t ranking as well as they’d hoped. A large number of ranking factors may be contributing to your lower placement in search results. Well, the good news is that you can fix all these major issues and get your desired results.

Did you know that search queries on Google that draw a featured snippet response have almost tripled over the past two years, according to tracking data collected by Moz?

Why should you care? When your web page gets the nod from Google and ends up being selected for the Knowledge Graph (let’s say), you get top-of-the-page organic placement and all the benefits that such a position offers.

With taking the right actions with advanced SEO techniques, and zero spamming; it’s possible to boost the ranking of any website. First, you need to understand what mistakes you need to eliminate and how they are having negative effect on your score.

infographic that displays the common seo mistakes using icons and text

Here is a structured rundown of the mistakes you’re most likely making.

Here’s a quick summary of the mistakes you may be making:

  • Your site isn’t indexed
    If your website isn’t indexed google won’t be reading what it has to offer.  If your site isn’t indexed this could be for several reasons for example; the site could simply be too new, but if not the first place to start is to check for crawl errors. 404 issues are very common. If this isn’t your issue check your meta tags for the following: <META NAME=”ROBOTS” CONTENT=”NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW”> if this are here you are telling google now to index these pages. Remove the meta tag unless you can see a reason for it being there.
  • Poor on page optimisation
    Make sure you spend a reasonable amount of time optimising your pages. You don’t need to spend hours, but inserting the correct information in the right places will make a big difference.
  • Your site isn’t mobile friendly
    If your site isn’t mobile friendly this is a big issue. Depending on your web developer you may need to build a brand new website, but it’s worth it.
  • Poor quality content
    Make sure you have well written content on your website. Don’t cram keywords into every single sentence, Google is more clever than that – write naturally and over 500 words.
  • URL and site errors
    Use websites such as Moz and AHREFS to check your website for URL and site errors – removing these errors will help you a lot.
  • No sitemap
    Speak to your website developer about installing or creating a site map. They are very useful and Google loves them.

Avoid Making These Common SEO Mistakes

In the above info-graphic we share the common mistakes that prevent websites from ranking on Google and what practical steps you need to take to recover your sites reputation.