10 Free Online Tools All Website Designers Should Bookmark

The world of IT is a vortex of tools created by an industry with decades of growth behind it. Arguably, this makes it one of the most challenging industries to keep up to date with professionally.

Luckily, help is at hand because we’ve put together a list of the best technology and resource websites that are sure to make every web designer and developers job easier. Get ready to get bookmarking.

Top Tools You Need To Save

Below, I have outlined a list of tools I recommend for any web designer.

1. Moodboard.

moodboard screenshot

This wonderful resource can help you create an impressive and useful moodboard, whose result can be shared to others. Especially useful for sharing ideas with clients.

2. Graphic Burger

graphic burger screenshot

Graphic Burger offers tasty design resources, such as icons and textures that are high resolution. We could spend hours and hours on this site!

3. Adobe Kuler

adobe colour

Even if you’ve a natural eye for colour, a digital colour wheel is an essential part of your toolkit. It’s not necessary to pay for colour code tools, especially when resources such as Adobe Kuler are readily available to help you work up a scheme, or be inspired by one of the many thousands already on the site.

4. Brand Colors

brand colours

This resource allows you to discover the colour codes famous brands use to easily achieve a similar look. You’ll be spoilt for choice with the amount of colour options are available for you to play with.

5. Pixlr

pixlr screenshot

Pixlr is a great alternative for Photoshop, and even better – it is free! This software is so easy to use without it being too limited for commercial use.

6. Sitebuilderreport Stock Up

stock up screenshot

You’ll be amazed by this site, that is full of free stock images, sourced from more than 35 different sites. If you should consider bookmarking any site on this list, this should be the one. Brilliant for use in blog posts, on websites and even on your social media posts.

7. Checkli

checkli screenshot

Checkli is the best site to boost productivity. It allows you to make free checklists for absolutely anything. The best part is that you can easily share an editable or a read-only version with your colleague or client to help you accomplish any given task.

8. Namechk

namechek screenshot

This system lets you type in a username and it will search for available domain names and social media platforms, to see the available results that match the username.

9. Down For Everyone Or Just Me

down for everyone screenshot

If one of your favourite sites from our recent list of life changing websites, just doesn’t want to load, and it’s not your internet, then you can hit up this site to see what’s going on with them. It might not be an attractive or extensive site, but it does come in handy.

10. Builtwith

built with screenshot

Use this free online tool that lets you find the plugins or other tools used to build a given website.

Go On, Give Them a try!

Have you tried out these resources yet? Have we missed any of your favourites? Let us know in the comments.