Why Are SEO Keywords So Important For Online Sales

What Are Keywords?

Key words are words or phrases that define what your content is about. They are the words that are entered into search engines that result in your page being brought up. Here’s why they’re so important:

1) Bigger Traffic

Using a combination of keywords and phrases correctly can result in a higher volume of traffic directed towards your site. Play around with the keywords you use and see which attract more visitors. Its ok to use more detailed and longer phrases as key words, don’t be too vague!

2) New Audience

Relevant keywords on the various pages on your blog significantly increase visibility. This new audience is beneficial for your SEO rankings.

In terms of ecommerce websites in can be useful to use similar words to your products. For example, if you are selling computers also use the words laptops printers etc.

3) More Satisfied Customers

Using accurate and relevant keywords is one way to ensure your customers are able to find the information they want. This is particularly important for an ecommerce site.

Your customers should be able to find information about the product, then the purchase page and then finally the check out page in a quick and easy manner. If your keywords are inaccurate and this process becomes drawn out then it also becomes an inconvenience.

In an overly diluted market your visitors are usually able to shop elsewhere.

Keyword Tips

  • Enable tracking for your search box. You’ll be able to see what visitors are searching for on your site.
  • Your Meta descriptions should be descriptive, persuasive and the correct length.
  • Count popular searches to see what products are in demand. Are customers finding these on your site?
  • Add content to your product categories, it can increase your visitors stay on your site and help your SEO ranking.
  • Vivid and evoking product description around keywords appeal to a wider audience of customer.

Keywords can be extremely beneficial to your site and your SEO ranking. Take some time to research your industry, find out what is working for others. Then find out what will work for you, test different areas. Use these tips as a starting point for improving your keyword technique.
Let us know how these approaches have worked for you in the comments box below!

infographic with a mostly dark blue back ground depicting the reasons why keywords are important using light blue yellow green and orange banners for different sections of information