6 On Page Factors Which Contribute To SEO Success In 2018

SEO is search engine optimisations. This is the processing of optimising your website to ensure it ranks high in Googles search results.

There are many factors which contribute to a high SEO ranking

Check Out These Top 6 Factors For SEO Success

1) Page Title/Doc Title

The title of your website and each page within it is the first thing that will return upon a Google search.

To optimise these titles for a high SEO ranking it is best practice to keep them between 50 and 70 characters.

Include keywords and phrases and make sure each title is individual and relevant to that page or document.

2) Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are the short article descriptions or introductions that appear just below the page title within a search engine results page.

Include as many keywords as possible here and keep the maximum number of characters you should use is 160.

This short paragraph should give the user a good idea about the contents of the page and what they should expect to learn once they click.

3) Meta Tags/ Keywords

Keywords are words or phrases associated with your site which will bring your site up in the search results page.

Keywords can be singular or longer more specific key phrases. These must be extremely relevant so as not to turn off potential visitors. Using irrelevant keywords

could increase your sites bounce rate.

Research popular or ‘most searched’ terms when finding the keywords for your pages.

4) H1 Tags

Headings can help reduce bounce rates which improves your SEO ratings.

To do this they need to be clear, descriptive and relevant so that visitors know exactly what they will get when clicking on it.

A H1 tag is the largest and boldest heading within HTML coding, which has up to 6 heading formats. It’s important to use these in order beginning with H! to show a hierarchy of importance.

5) Alt Text

Goggle cannot yet read images, though they are working on this.

To aid this, and improve your SEO rankings it’s best practice to include Alt Text
Alt text is alternative text for a bot to read the image or if the image is for some reason unavailable.

Your alt text should be as descriptive as possible about the contents of the image.

6) Title Text

Title Text describes the links main content as with page and document titles these should capture attention and engage potential visitors.

This is a tool by which to control your bounce rate, irrelevant titles or ones which aren’t descriptive enough may increase your bounce rate. This in turn may damage your SEO rankings. Be careful when choosing your title text it makes a lot of difference to how your website may or may not rank.

In Short…

Taking control of your SEO rankings can seem overwhelming, yet it is crucial to running a successful site. It is best practice to thoroughly research and be open to constantly improving and evolving.

Let us know the techniques you use to improve your SEO rankings in the comments section below!

infographic depicting 6 on page factors for seo success it is on a light blue background with a s;lightly darker turquoise banner used to highlight and differentiate each of the 6 factors