Running A Small Business? – Why You Need A Website

If you decide to set up a business one question you may be asking is whether you need to create a website. You may be concerned about the technical side or the cost of creating, building and maintaining it. It could be you’ve minimal experience of using the internet yourself. Or maybe you doubt that it will be necessary or provide a return for the investment of time and cost.

We at Roundhay Web Design have considered this and invite you to look over the top seven reasons a small business is best served by establishing an online presence with their own website.

1) Meeting Customer Expectations

60% of consumers surveyed said they expect a brand to provide online content. Starting out by failing to meet these people’s expectations could well prove disastrous. Over half said they look for product information via a business’s website too.

2) Provides An Opportunity To Showcase Reviews

Consumers in the modern age are significantly influenced by reviews they view online. While there are many websites where people can post and read reviews, nothing beats having testimonials from satisfied customers on your own website.

3) Gives You Control Of The Narrative

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter do provide an arena to post information about products and services you offer. However, you are limited in what you can put, and others can write their opinions too, opinions that may not be beneficial. On your own website you have total control over what is available to your visitors.

4) Keeping Up With Your Competition

When a customer is considering purchasing a product or service many will begin researching. 72% of this research is done online. If someone is selling the same things you are and, unlike you, have a website, they automatically have an advantage. The potential customer is much more likely to use the competitor who can influence them by having a site containing reviews.

5) The Internet Is 24/7

While most of us have the pleasure working during sociable hours, it doesn’t mean potential consumers shop then. By having a website and an ecommerce capability you cater to a market that never ceases buying.

6) You Become Visible On Google

We have already established a huge majority of consumers engage in some form of online research prior to purchasing. The 81% figure is well worth repeating. Many of these consumers will use Google or a similar online search engine to find providers of the product or service they are interested in. Obviously, a business that has no online presence won’t show on these engines meaning you miss the opportunity to be visible to these consumers.

7) The Opportunity To Show What You Offer

Having your own website provides you an opportunity to show exactly what it is your business does. So, whether you are selling a product or supplying a service you can use a variety of text, images and videos to your own specifications to sell yourself. It also allows you the chance to build trust with your visitors by offering helpful advice or tutorials.

infograph detailing seven reasons a small business should create a website

So What Are You Waiting For?

The 7 points detailed above all make clear the case for creating a website for your small business. Competition for customers has never being as intense and by failing to have a website you are missing the opportunity to place your company in the shop window. You are also running the significant risk of missing out on custom, and therefore profit, as your rivals with an online presence are both more visible and able to establish contact before you.

More About Roundhay Web Design

Here at Roundhay Web Design we offer a range of web design services and online support. We work alongside you to create a website that is unique to your business and will add value to it. We offer a range of affordable packages that enable your ideas and our technical expertise to come together to improve your prospects.