Social Media – Let’s Get Engaged

There are countless social media platforms out there nowadays. Facebook alone is used every month by over 1 billion people worldwide. 1/6th of the worlds population have a Facebook account! Yet I’m not remotely jealous of Mark Zuckerberg’s creation or, more importantly, his bank balance!!

Twitter too, with it’s 280 character limit sees over 500 million Tweets sent every single day. Over 13 million of Twitter’s total of 974 million accounts are based here in the UK.

Those two platforms alone show how popular social media is. We’ve not even looked at resources like Google+, LinkedIn or MySpace. The stats are incredible, and the opportunities they present are limitless.

How Can I Use Social Media For My Business?

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Most businesses will create a Facebook page, a Twitter account and other profiles as part of their set up processes. The reason is simple – it provides a method of communicating directly with consumers. Not to mention the marketing opportunities.

So, if you haven’t already, log on and get those accounts created.

OK, I’m Up And Running – Now What?

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The purpose of any social media account is to attract followers who will then engage with your content. They do this by ‘liking’, commenting, or by sharing it with their contacts and followers.

Question is, what are the best methods of encouraging people to engage. Here at Roundhay we have explored different techniques and present 8 methods you can use.


1) Use Images

The visual impression created on a viewer by an image is far more striking than any text. Images also stand out on social media timelines so drawing attention to your content.

2) Use A #Hashtag As Relevant

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter use #hashtags as a method for users to search for content that interests them. Use a hashtag in the way you do keywords to target the audience interested in your content.

3) Post Frequently & Consistently

Stay in consumers minds by posting regularly. You’ll appear in their timelines when you do. However, don’t send multiple tweets at the same time each day. You’ll purely spam people’s timelines and they’ll scroll past. So, little and often is the key!

4) Incentivise Sharing Your Account Or Content

Everyone loves a competition or a reward. Companies regularly offer a prize competition where the entry terms are as simple as liking and sharing a Facebook page or post. It’s a certain way of boosting followers and profile and usually worth the investment.

5) Create & Join Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a fantastic way of bringing people with the same interests together. This encourages engagement as the audience are automatically more likely to be interested in the content.

6) Take Part In Twitter Chats

A Twitter chat is where people use to Twitter to communicate with each other on a certain topic. By joining in people will learn about you and your business, and they’re more likely to follow you.

7) Engage & Share Other Content Yourself

When you see content you like, or feel is relevant to your business or industry, get involved! If you are active people will get involved and those whose content you’re sharing are more likely to return the favour.

8) Conduct Surveys & Polls

If you actively ask your followers to engage by running a poll or a survey it stands to reason they are more likely to engage and join in.

Showcase Yourself

Your social media accounts are personal to your business, so be yourself! The clue is in the name – social media. Don’t get bogged down sounding like a corporate bore. Be sociable!

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