Common Social Media Mistakes You Should Avoid For A Successful 2019

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The use of social media for marketing purposes has increased astronomically over the years, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Infact, it is predicted that it’s popular will increase even more so over the coming years. The accessibility of social media has made it very easy to post content quickly.

Unfortunately, with this speed often comes mistakes. You wouldn’t rush into a marketing plan otherwise, so why is social media marketing so easy to mess up with? What mistakes are people making whilst utilising social media platforms marketing capabilities?

Have a read of our article and find out for yourself…

The Common Mistakes That Hinder Your Social Media Strategy:

1) Having No Social Media Strategy Whatsoever

Your strategy needs to be consistent and effective. There is no point posting sporadically, this delivers an ineffective message and doesn’t engage your audience. Engaging the audience should be one of your top priorities, so always have that at the forefront of your mind whilst marketing.

Try planning a social media calendar with measurable goals. Perhaps posting on alternative days would be a good idea for your business? Some may prefer to post on evenings and weekends, particularly if it’s to advertise a bar or club. It’s also a good idea to develop a steady, dependable voice on your platforms to further emphasise your consistency.

2) Using Inappropriate Social Media Platforms

You might find that you have excellent written content, which is brilliant. However, this type of marketing content doesn’t fit well with the likes of Instagram and Pinterest… So why choose to market your business on such platforms? It wouldn’t make sense to create a bus banner type advertisement, filled with masses of text, so why do it online?

Try not to be tempted to create pages on several platforms if you don’t have enough quality content to post on an ongoing basis. Abandoning platforms for weeks at a time can seriously affect your SEO rankings.

3) Paying For Fake Followers

Fake followers can slightly help your social media platforms when just starting out, as it looks as though the page is already saturated with followers so must be popular. Cue people following others and liking the page and its content, building a genuine following.

However, this is pretty much the only benefit they have. They pose no benefit to ROI or actual user engagements. It’s a much more solid plan to build a genuine following. These real followers can engage with your posts and follow your desired customer/user path.

4) Talking Too Much About The Brand And The Brand Alone

By solely talking about your brand and its products or services, you are unintentionally limited your audience and your pages potential. Remember, people don’t want constant advertisements shoved down their throats… The whole point of social media marketing is to be subtle and build up a good, strong rapport with your audience.

Try sharing posts from other individuals and companies, this will give your page a friendly and personable feel. Perhaps create some entertaining content, memes are brilliant! Your audience will see your willingness to communicate and appreciate relevant posts.

5) Using Irrelevant And Excessive Hashtags

This mistake is wrong in the same way over stuffing tags is. It makes your post and pages appear desperate and a bit spammy. So many times, you see posts that are stuffed to the brim with hash tags, it makes you wonder if this will even have a positive impact at all? The idea of social media marketing is to keep it short and sweet.

The rule of thumb is, the more concise the better. Try to condense down any information you are posting, including hash tags. Focus on accurate and relevant hashtags. Limit yourself to a reasonable number and stick to it, no cheating!

6) Sharing Too Much

This is another class example of a mistake that can make your page appear spammy to its audience. There are many businesses out there that are guilty of this, it is quality that people are looking for, not quantity.

You should start by putting some thought into spacing out your posts. Why not create a time sheet for posts and stick to it? This way, you can see at a glance what your schedule looks like and eventually you’ll start to notice a pattern in your audiences’ behaviour when it comes to interactions and engagements. You could even schedule your posts, to be published at certain times through the week/month automatically. Depending in the platform there are optimal times for posting different styles, do your research.

7) Not Proof-Reading Content

This is such an easily over-looked mistake that I’m sure we’ve all made at one time or another. The very small act of proof-reading, or asking somebody else to proofread your posts, massively improves their quality. There’s nothing worse than creating awesome content, to find its impact is spoilt by a silly spelling mistake.

There are masses of tools available online to help with proof reading, the most basic and commonly used being the spelling and grammar check on Word. After completed a spelling and grammar check, why not ask friends, family or colleagues to double check your content, just to be sure.

8) Neglecting The Social Aspect Of Social Media

Interaction and engagement are the absolute basis of social media. Don’t forget this. By posting purely for promotional purposes and ignoring comments or conversation you’re alienating your audience. This is the best way to look like a faceless corporate company.

Improve by engaging with your audience. For example, if someone comments on a post, reply in a friendly and approachable manner. If someone sends you a message enquiring about a product or service, don’t wait days to reply. The faster your response rate the better, nobody likes waiting around anymore. People like instant.

Our Final Thoughts

It’s extremely easy to make mistakes when using social media for marketing. All too often, these mistakes occur due to a person rushing through things and simply not paying enough attention to the task as they should be doing. How many of the above are you guilty of? Remember, care and attention to all aspects of marketing is essential, no one will bother taking much notice of sloppy advertisers.

Use these mistakes as a guide of what not to do and you will be well on your way to a good social media marketing strategy.


infographic about easy to avoid social media mistakes you can make in 2019