10 Smoking Hot Social Media Trends In 2018!

Looking for ways to make sure your business stands out on social media in 2018? Wanting to take advantage of the current social media trends to ensure you get ahead of your competition?

I am about to share the top 10 trends to help you guys out in 2018. You will thank me later!

Here is 10 trends that make the list, they must be awesome:

Advocacy Marketing

Word of mouth has always been one of the best ways to get your business known. By activating brand champions, such as, employees and customers you will be driving word of mouth off the scale!

Shoppable Media

The rise of media formats allows much more immersive shopping experiences across earned, owned and paid.

Voice Search

You have all heard of the voice-led systems such as, Alexa and Siri, right? Optimizing this content is well on the rise for businesses that want to make it big!


Without exposing people’s identity’s, brands look to develop campaigns to the audience segments

AR Adds

By adding reality adds on social media, this gives brands the opportunity to create immersive engagement and experiences.

Bored At All? Here have a picture of a seriously cool monkey!

I know…what a dude!

AD fraud

Paid media seems to be at a crossroad, because huge brands demand transparency and threaten to screw up online online ad budgets.


Direct interaction with the chatbots online, helps brands build a much better experience based on customers needs.

AI And Machine learning

AI has recently just promised to deliver much more personalised content and campaigns.  This wont be done for a while yet as adaption takes time, but it will be so worth it and very beneficial to your company.


Video is expected to account for much more than 80% of all customer internet traffic in 2021, Therefore, content formats will evolve further.

Real Time Marketing

A mix of real time marketing analytics and marketing automation means brands can connect much faster with buyers on social media